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MH College V-Day Advice Column: Single and Ready to Mingle?

Ask Pastor Jon (Sheets)

College Men,

Do you remember when we were kids and we had dreams? We wanted to be astronauts, policemen, firefighters, or Power Rangers. (That last one might have just been me.) Where did that ambition go? Many times, we as men are tempted to take the path of least resistance—“Which opportunity do I take? Well, which one is easier?” We used to have dreams, and we pursued them with passion. Now, we are content with just letting things “fall in our laps.” Men, we were not created to live that way! God made us in his image. He made us to be cultivators. Our primary mandate as humans is to be fruitful, multiply, and subdue the Earth (Genesis 1:28). Not to mention the Great Commission from Jesus. God intends us to take initiative and to have ambitions aligned with his will for the world. It’s time to step into that vision.

Maybe you’ve had your eye on a lady that you are interested in, but just never made a move. Good news, Step-up Wednesday (aka Valentine’s Day) is upon us. It’s time to take a risk, so step out and ask her to dinner! I know you’re scared or nervous, and I get that, but awkward isn’t an excuse because comfort is not the goal. Many times, that phrase is applied to evangelism, but in general, guys, if you are not willing to do it in pursuit of the girl you are interested in, then you are not going to do it in evangelism either.

Consider Step-up Wednesday as an opportunity to do hard things and grow in taking risks. Just think, if you can ask the girl of your dreams out, then you can share Jesus with your classmate. That might sound oversimplified, but really you are overcoming the same god-replacement that you keep bowing down to: comfort. There are countless college women in your friend group that love Jesus and are not in relationships, let the reason you don’t go out be on them, not your passivity.

Step-Up Wednesday is a practical next step in saying no to what is comfortable. It’s a way to declare, “I will not live in the path of least resistance but will step out into those things that are difficult and, at times, scary.” This is the place where mission, love, and adventure happen. This is the life Jesus has called us to live through the power of the Holy Spirit.

-Jon Sheets (College Ministry Director)

Trust Her, She’s (Almost) A Doctor

College women,

You were created for relationships. Yet, too often, we get caught up in the idea that the relationship we were created for culminates in a cute, Jesus-loving man. This is not true! Outside of our relationship with God himself, there are many types of relationships God has given us— friendships, community, and familial relationships. Therefore, we should never let our current relationship status define our life.

The gift of the gospel was given to the single, married, widowed, and every stage in between. This gift is the greatest gift we could ever receive; therefore, every season to share the gospel is a gift to be used. Often singleness is seen as the life stage where you are surviving instead of thriving in order to get to the next stage. It is not wrong to desire a relationship; a gospel-centered marriage is a beautiful gift. However, romantic relationships are not ultimate. Singleness is not a period of time to wait around for a man to marry so you can get serious about the mission of God. Do not spend today moping in your lack of relationship. Instead, see it as an opportunity to enter into the most exciting opportunity we have been given: to make disciples and proclaim God’s love among all the earth (Psalm 67). But also, if one of your college guy friends actually steps up and asks you to dinner, you can say yes.

Lastly, God does not owe you a relationship. He did not have to give his Son as the price for our sin; yet, he did. No matter how you choose to celebrate February 14th, Jesus is supreme. He always has been and always will be. You have already been given the greatest gift you could ever receive, a love so great that he died for you. A God who has pursued your heart since the day you were born (Psalm 139). A Father who loved you enough to send his Son to the cross for your sin and shame. This love that is free through acknowledging the blood of Jesus. A love that calls us holy, faultless, and blameless before him (Colossians 1:22). Never forget the greatest love story that happened before Valentine’s Day was even a holiday on the calendar. A love no man will ever come close to. If you are not satisfied in his love now, you won’t magically be when you have a relationship.

-Kristen Schleich (College Ministry Associate Director)