Mercy Hill DNA Reading List

As we are finalizing a list of reading for our elder candidates in 2014, I really began to think about the books that have been most influential on Mercy Hill’s ministry. So I made a list. I know this list is not totally comprehensive, but I think it is pretty good and represents much of the core DNA of Mercy Hill. Obviously the Bible is the core book that shapes the ministry of our church! But these books have had their significant impact on our thinking as well. Now, as with any book we aren’t necessarily endorsing everything that is in each book. Honestly in every book there is something we could point to that we disagree with. In fact, one book on the list I think I may disagree more than I agree! But they have all had their impact. They aren’t really in any order but here you go…

–          Gospel, Greear

–          How People Change, Tripp/Powlison

–          Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, Dever

–          Christ Centered Preaching, Chapel

–          Faithful Preaching, Merida

–          Ministries of Mercy, Keller

–          Center Church, Keller

–          Rescuing Ambition, Harvey

–          Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, Tripp

–          Let the Nations be Glad, Piper

–          Sticky Church, Osborne

–          Why Small Groups?, Mahaney

–          Systematic Theology, Grudem

–          Cross Centered Life, Mahaney

–          Total Church, Chester/Timmis

–          Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, Goldsworthy

–          Counterfeit God’s, Keller

–          The Reason for God, Keller

–          Deep and Wide, Stanley

Andrew Hopper, Lead Pastor

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