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Membership Matters

Unlike most organizations with “members,” church membership is not about perks or receiving benefits excluded to others. Nor is it simply about regularly showing up on Sundays and consuming the services of a church.

Becoming a covenant member is about giving yourself to others and contributing to the mission of the organization – the mission to glorify God through disciple-making.  Becoming a church member is to take on responsibility and ownership for the wellbeing of the church. You invest yourself, so that to the extent you are able, you see to it that the church is accomplishing its mission.

So at its core, church membership is a public commitment made with other followers of Jesus to represent and proclaim how great He is together.


This commitment is based upon the common salvation each member enjoys in Jesus and upon his or her agreement on basic matters of belief and purpose.

But this doesn’t mean there are no personal benefits to being a covenant member.  That would be like saying marriage is all sacrifice and no joy.  Actually, there is great joy in knowing someone else is committed to staying the course with you.  Covenant membership provides you with a community ready to care and encourage you in all life’s ups and downs.

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