Maybe You're Asking the Wrong Question

I am all too familiar with questions. Our four year-old girl makes our house a breeding ground
for incessant questions. In fact, out of curiosity, my wife once researched how many questions
an average 4 year-old asks. The answer: on average a four year-old will ask over 400 questions a
day…A DAY! That would be a shock to me if I were not living inside of that reality. Questions
are valuable and I am more than willing to answer my daughter’s questions (well…not always).
Questions are helpful…they clarify…they explain. But whenever we’re dealing with questions,
we always need to check to make sure we’re asking the right questions.

Over the past several weeks, many of you college student have been asking yourself the
question: why should I do the City Project? It’s a valid question…but is it the right question? I
want to pose to you an alternative question and challenge you again to reconsider being a part of
this summer long missions experience through Mercy Hill Church.

The question is simple: Why not? Why not do City Project? It’s a dangerous question…much
more dangerous than simply asking ‘why’. But if you’re willing to ask, it can be incredibly
helpful. So with that question on the table, let me address some of your possible objections.

Why not do the City Project? – It’s too much money…

Yes $4800 is no small chunk of change. But then again, the God we serve is no small God.
Last night in Pastor Andrew’s sermon, He reminded us that God is a God we can trust for our
provision. Have you short-changed God by assuming that “there’s no way I can raise that much
money.” What would people think of the God you claim to serve if you told them (through your
actions) that He didn’t care about providing for something you really wanted to do?

Additionally, through the City Project there are ways we help students strategically raise
support. The City Project staff provides all the materials you will need to identify people who
will come alongside of you financially and support you this summer.

Is it a lot of money? Yes. Is that something to consider? Yes. Is that a reason not to do it? Far
from it.

Why not do the City Project? – I need an internship to secure a good job…

This might be one of the biggest lies that secular academia could throw your way. Here’s
what I’m not saying…I’m not saying internships are not valuable. They are. In fact, we offer
several at Mercy Hill Church. However, something in the culture of college campuses today is
telling students that if they do not get this particular internship at this particular time they are
vocationally doomed forEVER.

Not true. Quite the opposite sometimes. Case and point: Our executive pastor’s wife landed a
competitive job at a high-powered business in Raleigh based on her experiences through summer
missions trips and projects. Her employers noted that they appreciated her experience and well-
roundedness. It made her stand out and it got her the job.

Do you believe that if God is calling you to be a part of the City Project that He will doom you
to a life of mediocre jobs because you missed that one summer and that one internship? Seek
counsel…consider your options…but remember we live for a different kingdom. Is that the one
you’re seeking to be a part of?

Why not do the City Project? – It’s not for me.

How do you know? Have you written this off without even taking full inventory? Sit down and
go through the interview process. It will only cost you about three hours of your life. It will be
three hours well spent.

All the information you will need to apply can be found here. The deadline is this
Sunday…February 16th.

Contact for more information or to ask any questions.

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