Marriage Mentoring

Calling all engaged and newly married couples who have been married 2 years or less to a cook out at David and Laura Corbett’s house this Saturday.

  • When: Saturday, May 25th at 5:30pm.
  • Where:  500 Gold Dust Ct. Greensboro, NC 27455  (Gold Dust Ct. is a cul-de-sac located off of Gold Dust Trail – it can be confusing)
  • What to bring:  You and your spouse – or soon to be spouse.
  • What is it for: This is a casual gathering to meet and find out more about the young couples at Mercy Hill and what areas you might be looking for help or encouragement in as you begin your lives together.

Still not convinced you need to be there?  Keep reading to hear David and Laura’s passion to help couples strengthen their marriage.

What comes to mind when you think of marriage mentoring?  You might think it’s sitting down with some happy old couple like your grandparents who will listen to all your problems while you drink sweet tea and eat apple pie out on their front porch.   In the beginning of our marriage we had no idea it existed or what it was.  It wasn’t something we sought out or knew anything about.  Marriage mentoring is the discipleship of a less experienced couple through the relationship with a more experienced couple. 

We have been married nearly 13 years and each year keeps getting better as we continue to fall more in love with each other – seriously!  I’m not just saying that because you are reading this. It hasn’t been easy as we learn together how to handle what life throws at you such as career issues, illnesses, finances, children, extended family problems, the list goes on.   Learning to walk through the hard times by God’s help and through continuous love, encouragement, and most importantly communication has enabled our relationship to strengthen.  Unfortunately the longer we’ve been married the more friends we continue to see struggle in their marriages and many have already ended in divorce.  Divorces that could have been prevented if early on they might have had someone to help encourage them or open up to for help in resolving issues before those issues become past the point of reconciliation.

So why marriage mentoring?  Many couples begin with pre-marital counseling, you get married, then what?   Nobody tells you how to do marriage.  Do you split household chores, who pays the bills, where does the prized mounted deer get hung, how is laundry folded, do you put the toilet paper on over or under?   When problems arise, how do you both work through them?   David and I have a passion to see marriages blossom to their fullest potential.  We’ve mentored newly married couples in the past, asking questions that enable them to talk freely and figure out that they aren’t the only ones “going through” that.  We look forward to see what God has planned for the new couples at Mercy Hill!

-David & Laura

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