Looking ahead, part 3 (Andrew Hopper)

As we are now getting firmly settled into 2014 I find myself thinking a lot about what the year will bring. Here are 5 steps that I pray Mercy Hill will take this year for the Glory of God.

1)      Community Ministry – Over the last 18 months many of our members have gotten deeply involved in serving the underserved parts of Greensboro. In 2014 we hope to become more organized in this effort from the top down. This year we will invest serious money, time, and energy into mobilizing our people for mission right here in our own backyard. For more on this you can check out ways to serve here.

2)      Community Group Multiplication – When we  launched Mercy Hill in September of 2012 we had the goal of planting 35 thriving community groups in 5 years. I have said many times that given the choice, I would rather our church have 35 groups than a thousand in attendance. Groups are where ministry happens and people go deep. By God’s grace there are 17 community groups at Mercy Hill right now! We are just over a year in and already half way to our goal. Our prayer for this year is for the multiplication to continue. By the end of 2014 I hope to see 30 thriving community groups at Mercy Hill Church.

3)      Elder Pipeline – God has seen fit to develop leaders at Mercy Hill. This year we hope to raise up a few lay elders for the purposes of shepherding and teaching our people through coaching community groups. The process will be rigorous and take ¾ of the year. But our prayer is that God would sustain these called men as we raise them up for ministry.

4)      Global Church Planting – When we planted Mercy Hill I know that I wanted God’s global mission in our DNA from the start. For that reason we set a goal to engage an unreached people group somewhere in the world in our first year. By God’s grace that actually happened! You can hear more about that here. In 2014 we want to see our work with nations expand significantly. As of right now there are 7 mission trips planned for this year. These trips are important for kingdom work and for exposing our people to the mission of God outside of Greensboro.

5)      Location – Mercy Hill is a mobile church and has been from the start. But by God’s grace it looks like the mobile phase for us is slowly coming to an end. Our hope is to move into a more permanent situation this Spring. We hope this move will give us a little more stability and more bandwidth for our volunteers to focus on people rather than set up and tear down!

These are just a few of the big things I believe we will see God come through for us on this year. I hope you will join me in praying in 2014.

Lead Pastor, Andrew Hopper


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