Looking Ahead, Part 2 (Mercy Hill Kids)

This month we will continue to post series of blogs that look forward into the year ahead for Mercy Hill. The second installment of this series is focused on our Kids Ministry. At Mercy Hill Church, we are committed to partnering with parents to teach their children the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the upcoming year, we have a lot to look forward to including an awesome kids space in our new location.

At Mercy Hill, we have three words that we like to use to define the purpose and aim of our Kids Ministry: Fun, safe, and Jesus. When we make decisions or attempt to better this ministry we look at these three categories to assess what we are doing, whether we are doing it with excellence, and what areas need improvement.

Fun: Jesus is fun. Contrary to popular belief church isn’t a place where kids get all dressed up, sit up straight, and sit still for hours on end listening to sermons. Jesus has given us so many things in this life for our enjoyment. Whether it is toys, crayons, crafts, games, we want to make our ministry fun because Jesus is fun. We want our classrooms to be a place where they can run around and experience freedom and life to the full within the context of a safe and Gospel-Centered environment.

Safe: When you drop you kids off we want you to rest assured that we are extremely committed to their safety. Whether it is security patrol, nametags, being aware of allergies, or incident protocols know that we greatly desire to see your kids learn and encounter Jesus in a safe environment. We are committed to their safety in this way because we know you are committed to that same end. As annoying and trivial as some of these processes may seem they are a necessary measure we take to ensure the safety of your kids.

Jesus: As a Gospel-Centered church, Mercy Hill is convinced that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the means by which we are saved, sanctified, and sent. This thinking permeates through all aspects of our ministry and is without a doubt our highest commitment in our Kids Ministry. What an opportunity and honor we have to teach these kids and partner with parents in bringing these children up under the knowledge that God loves them so dearly through His Son Jesus. Our thinking is radically Gospel-Centered so our teaching in the classrooms is as well.

We want to see your kids grow up and have “boring” testimonies. Not boring in the sense of lackluster but boring in the sense of having been committed followers of Jesus for as long as they can remember. While we attempt to create a safe environment in our classrooms the Jesus we serve is anything but safe. We desire to create an environment where they will encounter a Jesus that has saved their souls despite their rebellion and has called them to take His name to the ends of the earth. The world has plenty of nice kids; our goal is not to partner with parents in making more of those nice kids. Our goal is to partner with parents in raising disciples of Jesus Christ that cannot help but live their lives on mission in response to all that Jesus has done on their behalf.

Clay Holland, Director of Kids Ministry

but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14, ESV)

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