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Life Change In Community

We love Sundays here at Mercy Hill! Our leadership gets excited every single week for the opportunity to see you and join with you in worshiping our Lord together. Sundays at Mercy Hill are not dull. They are filled with excitement, celebration, and joy. Seeing large groups of people worshiping the Lord, praising His name, and seeking to grow in knowledge and practice of the gospel is more exhilarating than taking the Ice Bucket Challenge!

With all of this being true, it may seem odd that we are more focused on your involvement Monday thru Friday than Sunday. It’s not that we don’t see the benefits of our Sunday gathering times. It’s not that we don’t believe that you will be impacted by what you hear and experience on Sundays. None of these could be further from the truth. Instead, it is because we wholeheartedly believe that discipleship happens in community and that Jesus commands us to make disciples, not converts.

Take a look at a real-life example of what we mean by this. Ben and Rachel McMillen began attending our Sunday gatherings shortly after moving to North Carolina from Texas this past summer. Being a young couple with two children and one on the way, they knew that being a part of an active, gospel centered church was very important. Having moved numerous times prior to this, they learned that being a part of a good church family was very important. Before the move, Rachel began searching the internet and social media and came across Mercy Hill. “Reading the blog, seeing people’s posts on social media, and listening to several of Andrew’s sermons online really helped us to feel more comfortable with the move to North Carolina, because we could tell that Mercy Hill had what we were looking for.”

Immediately after moving, the McMillens began attending our Sunday gatherings. Wanting to be a part of a church that felt more like family and not just passing acquaintances, pushed them to go to the Weekender where they heard about the importance of Community Groups. “It was an easy decision for us to attend GroupLink because we knew that being a part of a Community Group would make a huge impact on our family.” Last September, they joined a Mercy Hill Community Group in Stokesdale. “It was amazing to get to know so many new people that were starting Community Groups for the first time as well.”

“The group has always been so nice to us. We have never been around a group of people where we can be completely authentic and vulnerable with like this.” Sharing the ups and downs of life, the joys and struggles of marriage, parenting, and discipleship celebrations and failures have caused the McMillens to already feel that they have deep roots in Greensboro. “This is our home, and having a church like Mercy Hill is a big part of that,” Rachel said. “The relationships that we have built by going to Community Group has opened doors to opportunities to volunteer in First Impressions on Sundays, made us more comfortable leaving our kids with people we now know in Kids Ministry, and deepened our understanding of Scripture being preached on Sundays as we discuss our notes and takeaways from the sermon within group during the week.”

The McMillen’s story is one of many that we hear from families at Mercy Hill who are involved in a Community Group. If you are currently not connected to a Community Group, we want to invite you to experience all that Ben and Rachel have. This Friday night is GroupLink, and it is the perfect time for you to join a new group. There is still space available for you in a Mercy Hill Community Group, and we would love to hear a similar story from your family in the next few months after you are engaged in weekly community at Mercy Hill.  Check out our GroupLink page ( for descriptions of the new groups, see a map of where they are located, and sign up to attend tomorrow night.

– Jonathan Spangler (Community Groups / Community Ministry Intern)