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Life Change In Community

Thanks to Christelle Kidibu, a junior at  UNCG, for giving us an honest and compelling look at how community group has changed her life.  If you are in college, and you are interested in plugging into a community group…join us on September 7th for our College Connect. You can click here for more details.

Joining a community group at Mercy Hill has been a transforming experience for me. I am so grateful for the MH college community groups, and theopportunity they afford to build real authentic relationships. I have been able to experience relationships that go beyond surface level.  The group has modeled an example of what it looks like to go deep with other brothers and sisters in Christ.  What that looks each week in group is being vulnerable with each other.  And throughout the week holding each other accountable.

That changed my views on what relationships look like. I realized that there is more to relationships then just hanging out and having a great time.  Instead, I need to be pushing my sisters and brothers towards the gospel.  I do not think I ever saw the significance of accountability in relationships until I experienced it there.

Furthermore, community group challenges me by pointing me to the cross in all circumstances, lovingly calling out sins in my life, and by encouraging me.   Through group, I really got to see the value of this in my life. For me, community group provided a place where I could be vulnerable and honest. I have never been so pushed to be honest and lay my sins out more than I have in group.

The best part about group is seeing others in the group pray for each other, not only in group but throughout the week.  I have experienced God’s grace and love in community group over and over again. I am able to see a different and unique part of Christ in each person in the group. That in itself is a blessing.

Community group has helped shape me and radically changed me. To the world it makes absolutely no sense to share my weaknesses with others, or to even lovingly call out sins in people’s lives.  But I have been changed by community group because of those things. I have learned that we are created for community, and MH community group has helped me live a life worthy of the gospel daily. Needless to say, Mercy Hill community group has changed me! I am so grateful for them. 

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