Let's Serve Our City | MH Diaper Changing Station

Click here to sign up to serve our city as a volunteer for our diaper changing station this July 4th!

As a church, we seek to impact our neighborhoods and city with the gospel.  That begins by spending time with those we want to impact.  The Fun Fourth Festival is a huge event that brings 90,000 people into downtown Greensboro, and we have an opportunity to be present in a serving capacity and to represent Christ to others.

So here’s what we are asking you to do:  come hang out in downtown Greensboro this July 4th with your friends from Mercy Hill.  Spend one or two of those hours with your friends at our Diaper Changing Station.  You will NOT have to change a diaper.  We are simply providing a tent and tables so moms or dads have a clean, shaded place to clean their babies.  Your job is simply to provide a smile and hopefully get to talk about Mercy Hill.  Let us know you’re in by signing up today!

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