Let Your Kids Take You To Church

The scene is well rehearsed: it’s twenty minutes before church starts. Your oldest child is still looking for his shoes. Your youngest is continuing to complain about the outfit you picked out for her. Breakfast is now a pipe dream, and as usual, your cell phone is missing. Somehow you do it—everyone is quasi-presentable, out the door, and off to church.

Getting kids to church is a task of monumental proportions. But what if instead of you taking your kids to church, your kids got to take you to church for a night? That’s exactly what Family Worship Night is all about. It’s an opportunity for you as a family to come together in a fun and relaxed environment and worship together.   What is Family Worship Night exactly you ask? Here are a few things that hopefully will convince you not to miss it on Friday, November 11th.

It’s an exciting night for the kids

One thing that we’re committed to as a Kid’s Ministry is to help kids realize that loving Jesus and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Church can (and should) be fun! Family worship night typifies this ideal. There will be pizza, lots of singing, some jumping around, and of course a few epic games. It might be one of the most exciting things you do all month as a family.

Equipping for the parents

Having fun is great, but we also want to make sure that you as a family are equipped to worship together frequently in your home. The Bible is clear that parents are the primary disciple makers in the home (Duet 6, Ps.78), and we want to help you at every level to see this enacted in your home. Family worship night is structured in such a way to give you a portrait of what you can do on a consistent basis through the teaching of God’s Word, the singing of Gospel truth, and the integration of activities that make it all stick.

Formative for the whole family

Sometimes we just need a little motivation. Most families that I talk with genuinely desire to worship together in their home, but life can make that tricky at times. Family Worship Night is designed not only to give you a visual of what worship elements you can incorporate, but it’s meant to give you a push in the direction of implementation. Our prayer for you as a family is that you leave with some fun memories, but moreover, you leave with a renewed sense of worshiping together daily.

Just imagine what it would look like if, by worshiping together, we saw generation after generation of kids raised up to believe that the most exciting life they could live is a life lived for Jesus. That dream is made a reality as families worship together and grow together. We are excited to see you and your family worship with us for Family Worship Night on Friday, November 11th.

Here are a few important details to make sure you’re ready for this exciting night:

The night will begin at 6:30 with pizza for just $1 a slice (cash only). We’re also asking families to bring a box of Goldfish or Clorox wipes for our Kids Ministry. Lastly, you must register here so that we can make sure we have room for your family.

-Jeremy Dager (Age-based Ministries Pastor)