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Kid’s Week FAQ’s

As Mercy Hill Kids Week quickly approaches, we know that parents have many questions. We want you to have all of your important questions answered so that you can sign up your family and begin telling your friends. For more information about Mercy Hill Kids week and to register click here.


What is Mercy Hill Kids Week?

Mercy Hill Kids Week is our version of Vacation Bible School. It’s one fun-filled, jam-packed week during the year when we focus solely on our kids. As a church, we desire to partner with parents in order to raise up a generation of kids who will love and follow Jesus. Mercy Hill Kids Week is an incredible opportunity for us to see that happen by providing a time for your child to learn about Jesus and have a lot of fun in a safe environment.


When does Mercy Hill Kids Week begin?

Mercy Hill Kids Week kicks off on Sunday afternoon, June 21st with a family block party. There will be lots of fun activities, games for the kids, and food for the whole family. The block party will also provide you with an opportunity to invite new friends to check out Mercy Hill and register his/her child for Kids Week.


Where will Mercy Hill Kid’s Week take place?

Mercy Hill Kids Week will take place at Mercy Hill Church (7616 Business Park Drive, Greensboro). Every part of Mercy Hill Kids Week will take place at this location.


How long does Mercy Hill Kids Week last?

Mercy Hill Kids Week will last for one full week starting with the block party on June 21st and running until Friday, June 26th. During the week, Mercy Hill Kid’s Week will go from 9am until 12pm each day.


How old does my child have to be in order to participate in Mercy Hill Kids Week?

Mercy Hill Kids Week is for children ages 3 years old through current 4th graders. Childcare will also be provided for our volunteers if you have a son or daughter younger than three years of age.


What types of things do you do at Mercy Hill Kids Week?

Mercy Hill Kids Week is non-stop action as your child moves through a series of stations. They will participate in an engaging Bible lesson, build a fun craft, play exciting games, hear stories from other kids in our Kid Vid Cinema, and of course eat an amazing snack. Each station is tied together by the Bible lesson that your son or daughter will be learning about on that day.


What will my child be learning this year at Mercy Hill Kids Week?

This year, the theme for our Kids Week is “Everest”. Your child will learn all about how awesome our God is through every station he/she participates in. For more information about the curriculum and to see exactly what your child will be learning, you can visit the Group website here.


Is Mercy Hill Kids Week safe for my child?

At Mercy Hill Kids Week, safety is our number one goal. We know that providing a safe environment for your child will put you at ease and allow for your child to learn more about Jesus and have lots of fun. We have a full volunteer staff to provide safe ratios for every age group and each volunteer is background checked against state and national databases.


Furthermore, each child will be checked-in and checked-out each day by an approved guardian. During check-in we will gather all of the information necessary for your child, including important medical and allergy information. Lastly, we will have several security personnel whose sole responsibility all week is to ensure the safety of the space and each child participating in Kids Week.


How can I register?

To register just visit our Mercy Hill Kids Week page here and fill out the necessary information. In a couple weeks you will be contacted with more information about the start of Kids Week.


Why should I register my child for Mercy Hill Kids Week?

The simple answer is…because this will be the best week of his/her entire summer. Whether you attend Mercy Hill or not we are certain that your child will have a blast! And hey…three hours every day without your kids doesn’t sound bad either.


What if I want to join the Mercy Hill Kids Week Volunteer Team?

That’s great! We would love to have you come on board with us. To learn more about the opportunity to partner with us in teaching and caring for our kids during Kids Week, contact Jeremy Dager at There might even be a free t-shirt in it for you..


We look forward to seeing you and your child this year at Mercy Hill Kids Week!