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Kids Week Recap

Though we are now a few weeks removed from the end of Kids Week, I am still so grateful for what the Lord did. There is so much to celebrate that it is hard to narrow down the list. This year, we saw tons of kids, a lot of new families, in-house programming, and a safe environment. All those things were awesome! But, what I want to do here is highlight a few things I was grateful for that were a little “out of the box.”

First, I was so encouraged by the sheer amount of volunteers we had at Kids Week. It seemed like everywhere I looked there were loving adults and teenagers committed to making the event all that it could be. Tons of volunteers meant smaller kids teams, plenty of rotations, and a safe atmosphere. Along these same lines, the diversity within our volunteer group was substantial. It was a powerful picture of the coming kingdom.

Second, one of the rotations for the kids was called the “vip guest.” During this time, children heard from people in our church about how Christianity applies to real life. Some talked about how the Lord guided them through a difficult or scary time. Others talked about how trusting the Lord helped them make decisions in life. All of these were geared towards our kids learning that trusting Jesus doesn’t just happen on Sundays but is an orientation that affects all of life.

Finally, my kids couldn’t get enough of Kids Week! Anna and I always have before us the weight of discipling our own children. Before I am a pastor, I am a dad. As just another dad trying to lead his family, I thank God for Mercy Hill Kids. This is a ministry that helps us accomplish our goal of raising children who love Jesus from an early age and walk with Him throughout the days of their life. It isn’t the church’s job to disciple our kids, it is our job as parents. But things like Kids Week are helpful tools to that end.

-Andrew Hopper (Lead Pastor)