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Kids Ministry Resources

As a kids ministry, we have benefited greatly from incredible resources and tools created to help ministry leaders. Here is a sampling of the resources that our kids team utilizes on a consistent basis in the office, the kids classrooms, and even our own homes.

1. For parents:

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Discipline is never a fun subject to deal with, but the Bible is both clear in its instruction and helpful in its application. Although not exclusively about discipline, Tripp gives a thorough biblical survey of godly discipline.

Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas

Most parents understand the incredible gift that children are, but Thomas helps parents to more fully understand how God has placed children in our lives as a part of our sanctification process.

Raising a Modern Day Joseph by Larry Fowler

This book is designed to guide parents of kids who are becoming teenagers as they face trials in their faith.

Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony

This book serves as a super practical guide to discovering how to create an environment in the home in which the Holy Spirit can work.

2. For kids:

My First Hands on Bible

This book has 85 stories for kids between the ages of 3 and 6. Each Bible story comes with a hands-on activity to help preschoolers better understand and remember biblical concepts. It’s age appropriate and so much fun.

The Jesus Story Book Bible

Hopefully this is no surprise to you. Many people (parents and kids ministry leaders) have found this book to be an incredible help. Sally Lloyd-Jones records Bible stories with an immensely helpful, Christocentric approach. This book is a must-have for parents with kids of all ages.

The Ology

Yes, this is a systematic theology book for kids. The book is divided well, and the illustrations really attract the attention of kids. This is an excellent resource in helping your child understand the whole of the Christian faith.

3. For ministry workers:

On Guard by Deepak Reju

A book on child abuse is never an easy read, but it is certainly a necessary one. This is an eye-opening and practical resource for setting up procedures and policies that keep your children safe against the very real threat of child abuse in the church. It strips away every possible excuse for complacency or naivety on the part of children’s ministry staff.

Perspectives on Family Ministry by Timothy Paul Jones

Not every family ministry or kids ministry is set up and operated the same way, but we can always learn from the way others do things. This book presents the three leading views and approaches to family ministry (and subsequently kids ministry). It helps to uncover the pros and cons of each approach. (e-mail platform)

As our kids ministry has continued to grow this email platform has been helpful in creating mass emails that are clean and attractive. It collects reports on how many parents have opened your email and allows parents to unsubscribe if they no longer need news from MH Kids.

Google Drive

This may not sound very revolutionary, but it is probably the largest and most-helpful tool we utilize as a kids ministry. With an ever-expanding volunteer base along with childcare needs for other church events, we are able to keep meticulous records of who is serving when and where. If you need to stay organized and if that information needs to be shared, you must get familiar with the Google Drive platform.

We’d love to hear from you! E-mail us and let us know what resources you’ve found helpful in your ministry or in your home.

-Jeremy Dager (Age-based Ministries Pastor)