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Hello everyone!

I’m CeAnna Cummings, a current freshman at High Point University. I am majoring in Actuarial Science and minoring in English Literature (I know they are total opposites, but I could not choose just one!). I was so excited to be going to HPU in the fall, but I was also a little nervous about having to find a new church. I had heard stories from older friends about how their faith was not as strong in college because they could not find the right faith community. Thankfully, this was not the case for me—someone told me about Mercy Hill.

I didn’t have my car, so I was not sure how I was going to get there. I happened to find another friend who was going, and they offered to drive me. Since that first week of school, I have been attending MH College Live every Sunday!

First Semester Growth

Throughout my first semester, I attended Freshman Bible Study. I loved being able to talk about the Bible and my faith, and it was amazing to meet other freshmen on campus who were believers. Through church and Bible study, I realized how strong my faith had been growing, and it was all thanks to Mercy Hill.

Towards the end of my first semester, Rilee Blackwell, one of the college residents, encouraged me to apply for a leadership position. I prayed about it and eventually sat down and applied. Joining leadership has been one of the highlights of my freshman year! I’ve met other leaders who push me in my faith, and I have been able to bring new friends to church.

Continuing Leadership at the High Point Campus

I think the most exciting part of leadership is how great the timing is. I am a freshman, and the new High Point Campus is launching at the end of this month with MH College Live starting next fall. I’m so excited to be a leader at this new campus and to help it grow into a great community. I’m grateful I’ve had experience leading at the Clifton Road campus because I have more experience for when the High Point Campus launches. I’m looking forward to working with the new campus and helping grow it into something amazing. One of the most exciting parts of this new campus is the short distance from our university!

Planting this church in High Point is very strategic because there are people who are willing to try a new church, but they do not have the time or desire to drive twenty-five minutes. This new campus is located only two minutes away from High Point University, so students can easily get there and still have enough time for other things! It’s also great for the community of High Point because it will be a place where they can learn about the gospel and strengthen our community. I’m looking forward to meeting the new members at this campus, and I cannot wait to see all the hearts the gospel will change through this launch! After all, who could turn down just a two-minute drive?

-CeAnna Cummings (MH College Leader)