Jesus Stories

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up into the story-line of a movie or book that you began to see bits and pieces of yourself in the characters? This is what makes a good story. A good story captures the audience in a way that teaches them something about the world, good and evil, and themselves. And when it comes to stories, Jesus was the greatest storyteller to ever live! People were literally mesmerized by Jesus’ stories. Even today two thousand years later people who aren’t Christians still use the lingo from Jesus’ parables. How many times have we heard a person call someone else a “good Samaritan” or a “prodigal son”?

Jesus’ stories have stuck for over two thousand years because of their power to teach us some of the deepest truth about God. In each parable we learn something about ourselves, God, sin, and righteousness, more clearly than a thousand pages of theology could ever communicate.

And because of this, we will be launching into a new series this Sunday January 20th called “Jesus Stories.” Each week we will tackle one of these parables that Jesus first told two thousand years ago. You don’t want to miss this series. The parables of Jesus are impactful whether you are a new Christian, have been a Christian for a long time, or are a seeker who still doesn’t know what you believe about Jesus.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend for the start of “Jesus Stories”!

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