Inside Out: how people change

Hey join us this weekend as we launch a brand new sermon series titled Inside Out: how people change. Living in a fairly quintessential Southern city like Greensboro, most of us are at least acquainted with religion. Many have knowledge of the Bible, have gone to church, and can recount the story of Jesus and the cross. But unless we understand how that relates to living our lives before God, what does it all matter? See, many people in religious contexts know about Jesus, but they still believe the key to God’s good graces is external conformity to rules. In other words, while Jesus and the Bible are on one hand, the actual way to be “saved” is through behavior modification. That modification usually comes in the form of fear, guilt, and effort to please God.

Rather than taking this “outside in” approach, we believe the Gospel teaches that people please God through belief which changes the heart and leads to changes in behavior; from the inside out. We would love to invite you out to our Easter services this Sunday, April 20th. We will celebrate the resurrection and launch this new sermon series. If your entire life has been bound by rules and fear, come hear the life changing message of the Gospel and how God intends to change people from the inside out.

Andrew Hopper, Lead Pastor

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