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In The Beginning…of Clifton Road

Leaving Mercy Hill last Sunday night was a bit surreal. As Anna and I were walking to the parking lot, it occurred to me that this was the last time our church would be gathering in one location. Now I don’t want to be overly dramatic. Of course there will be times when our church gathers all together again. In fact, one of those times is just a few months away for our Christmas services. But in general, as we become a multi-site church this weekend, things are changing.

The emotion I felt was totally normal for a Christian. There is a bitter sweetness to it. That is the nature of sacrifice. Sacrifice isn’t giving up something you don’t want to gain something you desire. Rather, sacrifice is giving up something you love for something you love even more. Many of us have come to love the experience at Mercy Hill the way it is now. But we have come to realize that the second site affords our church the opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel message. And as a church, that is paramount among our desires. Christians routinely say goodbye for the sake of the mission. We do that when we plant community groups, plant churches, send missionaries, and launch campuses. Saying goodbye is hard, but saying goodbye for the sake of the mission is good.

In addition to launching the Clifton Road campus this weekend, we will be in a brand new sermon series that will carry us through the fall. We are going to spend 12 weeks in the first 3 chapters of Genesis. That may sound like a lot of sermons for a small portion of the Bible. I promise you it is not! We could spend 12 years in these 3 chapters and not reach the bottom of it. In short, for us to have any idea where we are going, we have to know where we are. And for us to know where we are, we have to know where we came from. The most basic yet major categories of life only make sense to us when we know who put us in this world and why. I am excited about it, check it out!

-Andrew Hopper (Lead Pastor)