If you met us at the diaper changing station….

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If you’re on our website because you saw us at the Fun Fourth diaper changing station…welcome!  It was a blast to be out among the people of our city and able to serve families like you.  We hope you will join us one Sunday at our 5pm service or sign up to come to our exciting Kids Week.  At Mercy Hill, we have a big heart for families and kids.  Our kids ministry isn’t just a babysitting service while adults attend a worship service.  No, we believe kids can learn big truths and play a vital role in ministry to others, so we strive to help them cultivate a growing trust in our great God!  And our kid events are geared toward connecting parents as much as they are toward giving kids a fun time.  And the reason we do everything we do is the gospel, because the gospel changes everything!

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to see you again soon!


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