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How’s Your Marriage Doing? Check-up with These Resources

Two weeks ago, Pastor Andrew mentioned several situations that you might find yourself in terms of marriage. No matter what you and your spouse are going through, God wants you to fight will all you have to keep your marriage together and healthy. It is a microcosm of the gospel to the world when your marriage functions as God designed it.

If you are in marital hardship currently, or even if your marriage is going wonderfully, you have to fight for it every day. Here are a few resources we recommend.

1. Community Group

Mercy Hill’s answer for almost anything in life is to get into a Community Group—or commit more faithfully to the one you’re already a part of. Why is that? It’s because discipleship happens in community. We need people in our life whose voices are more constant and scriptural than the voices of the world that are coming at us at every moment. Daily we are hearing that bad marriages are the norm and divorce is not that bad, especially if you’re not happy. But the world’s desire for you is not God’s desire for your life or your marriage. We must retrain our minds to find our happiness in what Jesus has done for us and obeying what he asks of us—specifically in this context, “What God has joined together, let no one separate” (Matt. 19:6).

Find another married couple in your group to meet occasionally with to check up on your marriage. If you haven’t taken inventory of your situation and put checks in place to handle stress and trigger-circumstances better than you did previously, you can be in another bad spot before you know it.

When things do get really bad and seemingly impossible to resolve, talk with your Community Group leader about seeking outside help. They have connections with our elders who can see to it that you are having the best care possible for keeping your marriage together.

2. Marriage & Family Equip Class

Every equip season we offer a class to help build our minds and perspectives on the biblical foundation for marriage and the family. The class hits the topic from both the theological and practical sides and will equip you to build a more God-honoring marriage.

Visit the Equip website here.

3. Brad Hambrick’s Site (Free Resources)

Dr. Brad Hambrick is the leader of the counseling ministry at Summit church. His website has wonderful (and free) resources for marriage enrichment and marriage restoration like: fifteen marriage evaluation questionnaires, podcasts of his seminars, blog posts, and recommended book resources.

We can’t recommend Dr. Hambrick enough. 

Click here for free resources from Dr. Brad Hambrick.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator)