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How to Survive #Finalszn

I decided to do some research before gathering my thoughts on getting through finals week, and I wanted to share my results.

How to Get Through Finals Week

  1. Laminate your notes to ensure no damage from any tears.
  2. After you review your paper and realize nothing makes sense, just keep typing.
  3. Allow multiple five-minute breaks for sobbing throughout your studying.
  4. Do not stand, sit, climb, or sharpie on sleeping students.
  5. After reading your rubric and realizing it isn’t clear, I highly recommend making an educated guess.
  6. Need a tutor? Yahoo Answers is always a reliable source.
  7. Lastly, at the end of it all, may the curve be ever in your favor.

In all seriousness, finals week is both exhausting and emotional. It is the week every student dreads and questions why they chose the major they did. Why is it that all of our emotions are tied to one week out of the whole semester? Why is it that these four or five classes can make you feel as if your whole world is ending?

Is it possible that we have attached too much weight on our finals? Have we become a people who are marked by our grades, forgetting the redemptive identity we’ve been given in Jesus?

Trust me. I understand wanting to study hard for tests and write stellar essays for your professors. I understand putting tons and tons of hours in but getting little-to-no-sleep. I would know; I have been around finals week a time or two—or eight. So, I get it! But have you ever thought that how you approach finals week reflects whose kingdom you are working for?

An Opportunity to Glorify God

We have been given a great opportunity to work for the glory of God in the midst of finals week. The way you study, the way you write your papers, the way you take time to sleep and care for yourself, and even the way you view finals week at large, can be to the glory of God and not self.

In Matthew 6, Jesus emphasizes the notion that our hearts deeply treasure and value something in this world—something of finite value or that which is eternal. Jesus continues on in verse 25 to warn us against anxiety. Jesus compares how he cares for the birds of the air and lilies of the field to how our Father cares for us: “But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith” (Matthew 6:30). Here’s the thing, Jesus is warning us against being anxious because he is aware of how quickly we place value in worldly things.

Somehow, we find ourselves so wrapped up in worrying about getting the A, that we have forgotten about the security we have in Jesus.

It’s no wonder why we are so emotional and exhausted as a result of finals week. In the midst of all the studying and writing and complaining, we have simply forgotten where true hope lies. It is okay to grind hard over these next few weeks but do so in light of your security in Christ.

So, friends, walk out of your finals with your head held high, knowing your hope is not in how well you did, but in Jesus Christ himself. Your grades are not certain, but Jesus surely is. Your GPA is continually changing, yet Jesus remains constant. Trust the One whose love is steadfast and endures forever, even in the midst of finals week.

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness.” Psalm 115:1

-Rilee Blackwell (College Team)