Mercy Hill Students Fall Launch

How the Church Can Come Together to Get Ready for the MH Students Fall Launch

Imagine a flywheel (in this instance, a very heavy wheel weighing about 5,000 lbs) that takes huge effort to push. One push on this flywheel does not make a huge impact, but the 100th push causes the flywheel to move with a great velocity and unstoppable momentum. Each event, weekly gathering, small group, retreat, serve week, summer camp, mission trip is a push on a flywheel that has the opportunity to lead students to treasure Jesus above all else, walk in an unshakable faith, and impact the world for Christ. The MH Students Fall Launch is one of those things.

In order to prepare for an incredible launch, there are some things we can do as a church to partner with the student ministry to continue adding the momentum.

Students Grades 7 through 12

This year, student ministry has made major shifts in order to allow MH Students to be more age-appropriate than ever before. So, for students, this means that they can expect a lot more of the things that they love and want in a weekly meeting. So, if you’re a student, the student ministry team and I would love to see you at our Fall Launch on September 9th.

Parents of Students Grades 7 through 12

We want to encourage all parents of students who attend Mercy Hill to support them in attending the Fall Launch. Students who just began their seventh grade year are entering a pivotal time where they begin to truly wrestle with their identity. On the other end of the spectrum, seniors in high school are entering the peak of their influence as a student. We believe students’ involvement in MH Students from seventh through twelfth grade will play an integral role in the spiritual formation of students.

Church Family

Pray for our leaders and students as we embark on another school year.  As a ministry, we are believing Ephesians 3:20 that God can do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, but we have three numbers in particular that we are praying for this year.

    1. 150. Elevate Summer camp is one of the most exciting things we do as a student ministry all year. This summer, we saw many students trust God in new ways, confess sins and take steps toward pursuing victory over them, and build deeper and more authentic community. We are praying that next year we will take 150 students to Elevate Summer Camp (which would be a little over a doubling in the number of students who attended this summer).
    2. 75% During our Dysfunctional Church series, we have seen how we have all been given certain spiritual gifts and how we need to use those gifts to serve others. So, within student ministry, it is our desire to see 75% of our students serving. From serving in kids ministry to first impressions, we want students to understand that they are not just a part of the church, but that they are the church.
    3. 50.  As a church, the Great Commission fuels much of what we do. We believe that people are the mission, and MH Students seeks to see that plumbline permeate student ministry. We want to see our students reach their peers, classmates, teammates, friends in their co-ops, and whatever spheres of influence God has given them. We are praying that fifty students are baptized this year.

September 9th and the Fall Launch may be the first push on the flywheel for some. For others it may be the seventy-seventh push. Our prayer is to see God continue to move in the lives of students in a way that will further carry students along in their lifelong journey of walking with Jesus and seeking to glorify him with their lives.

-Ronald Redmond (Student Ministry Director)