Mercy Hill Church Kids Ministry Kids Week Photo Booth

How I Plan on Winning the Kids Week Photo Booth Contest

We in Mercy Hill Kids cannot contain our excitement for Kids Week. We’ve been making slime, creating superhero trading cards, and sorting hundreds of capes. In order to make our joy complete, Mercy Hill Kids is sponsoring a photo booth contest in the weeks leading up to Kids Week. In the kids’ lobbies at each campus, you’ll be able to take a family photo at our photo booth and post it for your friends to see the fun we have in store for our families. Whichever picture gets the most likes on Facebook and Instagram, the owner’s family will receive a day at the movies gift package!

Here is how my family plans on winning the contest:

  1. Costumes: I told my kids to pick out superhero costumes for this contest, and we ended up with construction worker costumes. I was shamed by my preschooler for thinking Spiderman was more of a superhero than an excavator operator. Now I just need to find that Superman costume from four years ago for my husband to wear. I knew I saved that for a reason!
  2. Hashtag: We’re going to use the hashtag #MHKidsWeek for optimal exposure.
  3. Share: All I need to do now is teach my mother how to operate “The Facebook” so she can share our epic photo with her friends. I plan on challenging people in the comments to do their own photos if they dare.
  4. Mock Flying: This is my secret weapon. If you put a child on the floor and put cutouts of clouds above his or her head, you can make it look like he or she is flying if you shoot the photo from above. Now to find the ladder…
  5. Why stop at a photo: I can also create a short video if I can get my kids to stand still for longer than four seconds. Stan Lee’s got nothing on me.

Let the creative juices flow, and good luck!

-Lauren Whitley (Associate Kids Director)

Click here for more information about Mercy Hill Kids Week this summer!