Mercy Hill College - Why I Almost Didn't Launch My College Group - Lois Uwazurike

How I Almost Didn’t Launch My College Group

Anyone who really knows me knows how extremely dedicated I am to Christian community and the idea that discipleship happens in community. This kind of community experience is what has changed my life completely since I have been at Mercy Hill for the last four and a half years.

1. Before Launching

With that being said, when I first was asked to co-lead a college girls group, somehow I was still pretty hesitant. Namely because, at the time, I didn’t think I was anywhere near equipped to lead a group of girls who would be looking to me for biblical advice and life advice in general. So, I put it off indefinitely.

After apprenticing in the comfort of my multi-generational group for over a year, I was finally able to get over myself and realize that leading a college group simply wasn’t about me. It was about giving college girls the opportunity to have Christian community to do authentic life with so that they too could experience the blessing that I have inside the walls of community at Mercy Hill.

Before Grouplink, my co-leader and I were admittedly a bit bummed to learn that only two girls were signed up for our group. We weighed our options. To launch or not to launch? Would it be silly to launch with only two girls? What happens if only one girl shows up one week? Will it be weird for her? For us? Or worse, what if they both skip out? Will this become a trend?

After talking with the Mercy Hill College Director and with other college group leaders, we came to understand that the nature of college groups is simply different than other groups at Mercy Hill. For us to not launch our group would be to take away the potential of Christian community from the two girls that were counting on us to provide that for them and may not find such community otherwise. So we prayed, launched, and watched God move right before our eyes.

2. After Launching

Since launching only a few weeks ago, God has already done far more than we could ask or think. We went from having two girls at Grouplink to seven girls by week two. Our girls just kept bringing people. The sweetest thing for me to see, though, has been the level of vulnerability in my group. My girls wasted zero time with being open and honest about their lives and about God’s Word and have given me and my co-leader the space to feel comfortable enough to do the same—even early on in the life of our group. I have no doubt in my mind that launching this group was completely part of God’s plan. It has been more of a gift to me as a leader than my girls probably realize. Going into this, I definitely thought I was doing this for them, but God has shown me (as he has a knack for doing) just how much more it is for me. Thankful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about my sweet group of girls. God is forever faithful!

If you are a college student looking for a group to call home, we would love to connect you to a group that works for you! Scripture makes it clear that Christian community is essential for the life of a believer. So, don’t miss out on an opportunity to do life the way God created you to: in community.

-Lois Uwazurike (Worship Associate Director – Assimilation)