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How Do I Entertain My Kids All Summer?!

Imagine with me: Field Day is done, the last class party is over, and the final school lunch has been packed. School is finally out for the summer! You don’t have to set the blasted alarm clock anymore, and you have time with your kids again. Oh, what a glorious feeling!

Then, it hits you. What are we going to do all summer?!?!? How are you going to entertain said kids? If your kids are anything like mine, they love being home and playing with their things, but after a few days, they get tired of it and start asking what’s next. Well, I know what’s next; it’s MH KIDS WEEK! For my family we look forward to Kids Week all year; it’s one of our favorite weeks of the summer!

What makes Kids Week so amazing, you ask?

What’s so magical about hundreds of smiling, sweaty kids hanging out, playing games, doing crafts, learning new songs, and seeing the gospel come alive? Well, simply put, it is life changing, and I truly mean that, and not just for the kids! There is something about Kids Week that truly changes you.

I remember my first Kids Week two years ago. My family was new to MH and still lived forty minutes away. My kids really wanted to come every day, and I wanted to volunteer, but I knew that wasn’t possible since we were moving the next week, and I was supposed to be packing!  We were able to come for one day, and that one day was amazing! The excitement of everyone there was infectious. You could tell everyone wanted to be a part of this week; it was their joy to serve, and it was obvious that the kids couldn’t wait to come back the next day. It was unlike anything I had ever been a part of. I still remember the songs we sang in worship that morning and the snack the kids ate, but more than anything, I remember the feeling I had when I left. It was a feeling of gratitude that I had been a part of something so much bigger than myself, something God was doing in the lives of the kids and volunteers there that day. And a feeling of excitement that I was a part of a church that was doing such incredible things for kids.

Last Year . . .

Fast forward to last summer and the first Kids Week at Edgefield, the campus my family attends. We were so excited to be able to bring Kids Week to our community, to the kids my kids go to school with, and the people in our neighborhood! My kids invited their friends from their new school and our neighborhood. My youngest daughter even passed out invitations to her whole first grade class, and many of them came! We planned sleepovers so our friends could come with us and made arrangements to pick up other kids on our way.

My two younger girls attended with many of their friends that weren’t a part of the MH family, and those kids heard the gospel for the first time. My two older kids and I volunteered, and what a privilege it was to serve alongside my kids. That week we saw God move in our community and in the lives of our friends and in our family. It was one we will never forget!

This Year . . .

As we look forward to Kids Week this year, it is with great excitement and anticipation (not for the entertainment or the snacks or for water day—although those things are fun and there is plenty of entertainment). Kids Week is so much more than camp for kids to be entertained; it is a place where the joy of Jesus is lived out in a way that kids can catch on and want to know more. It is where those who have never heard of Jesus can hear his story in a fun way that is clear, and the gospel can change them, forever. So, if you are looking for something to do this summer, look no further. MH Kids Week is where you and your family need to be. It will change you, promise!

-Carmen Menser (MH Member)

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