Mercy Hill Church - Kids Ministry - Kids Week 2017

Grown-up Week: How Kids Week Can Be More About Adults Than You Think

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? I remember as a kid looking through the tube of the kaleidoscope with it pointed at the sun and seeing how beautiful all the colors and shapes were. I also learned that if you look through the wrong end of the tube, you don’t see any of the colors or shapes. It’s the same way with a telescope. Look through the right end and see the Milky Way (not the candy); look through the wrong end and see nothing. That is a big difference!

This summer we have an event that you can look at two ways: Kids Week. Kids Week is Kids Ministry on overload! Imagine hundreds of kids, for four days, going through activities, worship, and teaching of the gospel. This week is an opportunity for children who may have never heard about Jesus to experience his truth for the first time. Just as many of us heard the message of Christ clearly for the first time at a camp or church retreat, we hope that Kids Week is a turning point in faith for any kid who will walk through our doors.

Unlike Trix, Kids Week Is Not Just for Kids

However, Kids Week is not just for kids. Each year hundreds of people volunteer their time at Kids Week to make an impact for the Kingdom in kids’ lives. The funny thing is, often the volunteers are the ones who are impacted the most! Kids are great teachers for us and a vital part of the church. From the one that breaks down because they got cut in line (be honest, we get mad about this too), to the one that sings every song as loud as they can and completely off-pitch (also us), kids teach us so much. Humility, anger, teachability, and selfishness are all seen in kids and all too difficult to see in ourselves. Being around kids reminds us of our need for the gospel as we help them see their need for Christ as well. Ultimately, Kids Week is an opportunity for discipleship and growth, for both the kids attending and those of us who get to lead them.

Back to the Kaleidoscope

We learned above that we have to look through both sides of the kaleidoscope to pick the right one. Let’s challenge ourselves to see an opportunity like Kids Week through the right lens.

Parents, you might be tempted to see Kids Week as a sweet, free babysitting deal—a chance to drop off the kiddos and jam out to Taylor Swift in your mini-van on the way to Target (even you dads, don’t think we can’t see you).

But here’s how we see it looking through the right side of the kaleidoscope: as a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime chance to step into the lives of children walking onto one of our campuses in need of the message of Jesus. We treat Kids Week like a short-term mission trip for those who are jumping into the trenches with us—trenches filled with Elmer’s glue and lots of bubbles—because we are called on to use our gifting and talents and passions to see lost people reached for the sake of Christ. This is how children, families, communities, and entire cities can be changed and redeemed, through the body of Christ stepping up and stepping out to share Jesus.

The Deets (i.e. The Details)

Come join our team on June 20-23rd from 9am-12pm for Kids Week 2017, at both our Regional and Clifton Road locations. We cannot wait see the gospel being taught and lived out with kids for four life-changing days. More than likely, the days will be more life-changing for you than for them.

You can sign up to serve at Kids Week by clicking here. Select the campus you attend, and then scroll down to the “Volunteers Needed!” section. Simply click on the yellow button to let our kids team know you’re interested in volunteering. Thank you!

-Brant Gordon (1 Year Ministry Resident)