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Grace Alive, 55, and the Mission Refreshed

Sunday was powerful! Baptism Sundays usually are. On those days, we get to see people who have gone from death to life enter the water and proclaim their new life to the world. That is always special. Thinking about how many people have made that proclamation over the last few years at Mercy Hill is enough to make our hearts full. So, adding twenty-two more people to that list on Sunday was incredible.

With that said, this past Sunday was special even for a baptism Sunday. It was special because fifty-five people attended our first official interest meeting for the Grace Alive church plant heading to Orlando in the Spring. Mercy Hill is committed to being a sending church. We want our folks to understand that our success ought to be judged not on our seating capacity but on our sending capacity. That is why we have come alongside a church plant every single year of our existence. It is why we constantly call upon our college students to leverage their summers for the sake of the nations. It is why we meticulously count the numbers of people who not only come to Mercy Hill, but leave Mercy Hill for the sake of the mission. As Mercy Hill grows in number and influence, it is important that we continue to step into the calling of being a sending church. The partnership with Grace Alive represents a pivotal step in that process. Every single year we have sought to get better at sending. This year with Grace Alive we have the chance to send big!

Putting It All Together

That brings me back to this past Sunday. How could the mission of the church be better put on display than baptizing people and giving them an avenue to be sent on the same Sunday? As people were going into the water, I thought about others who in the last four years came to faith and were sent to the nations. I asked myself the question, who among these being baptized now will be called to step out and go with a church plant one day? Who among these will one day share the Gospel with an unreached people group? Mercy Hill, our desire is faithfulness to the mission. That means reaching the lost, training them up, and sending them out to be on mission. For some, that will mean living on mission right here in the Triad. But for others it will mean leaving Mercy Hill and taking the gospel to new places. Seeing twenty-two baptized and fifty-five come to an interest meeting in the same day was remarkable for me. It reminded me what the mission is, how hard we should go after it, and the greatness of the God we labor for.

-Andrew Hopper (Lead Pastor)