God's Faithfulness and Mercy Hill's Future

As we mentioned on the previous blog, we had our first launch gathering in GSO on June 10th. This is how Pastor Andrew summarized his thoughts on the passage he preached from, Deuteronomy 6:10-13…

“I think the themes represented in this passage are much like the rest of the Bible. We trust God’s promise because of both who He is and how He has already worked for us in the past. When we recount God’s blessings and “take care” not to forget them, we certainly will have a heart that fears, and loves to serve God our Father. In much the same way that Moses implores his people to remember God and trust Him with their journey into the Land, I hope that the Mercy Hill team will  remember God’s faithfulness and allow it to fuel their confidence in taking step after step in Greensboro.”

“Do we know without a doubt that Mercy Hill Church will thrive in GSO? No, I dont have that particular promise. But orienting our actions in what is certainly God’s desire, to see churches planted, I have every reason to assume that God is for us and for our mission. Let us simply look at what he has already done on our behalf…He raised up an awesome team, has given our people job after job, gave us favor with partner churches, and allowed this team to be part of salvation stories even back in Raleigh! We trust God in his provision in the past, and we all but presume upon His goodness for the future!”

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