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God’s Big Enough to Handle Any Excuse Not to Serve

As parents, we often put our kids before everything else. Their needs dictate our finances, our sleep, and our schedules! When we first started attending Mercy Hill, we were desperate for community. We had just moved to Greensboro, and we were newer parents looking for like-minded people to do life with. We quickly jumped into a Community Group and attended the Weekender, but after shadowing on Sunday morning, we were quick to give excuses as to why we were not ready to serve. At the top of my list of reasons were my kids and, more specifically, their nap schedules. I knew that the majority of our family time happened during the weekend, and I didn’t want to upset the schedule by having my babies in the Kids space all morning. That nap schedule is life! We wrestled with this decision for months and landed on my husband serving while I stayed at home during one of the services. While this worked okay for our family for a while, I knew deep in my heart that I had more to surrender to God in regard to serving.

God Kept Calling

Two years later, we joined the launch team for Edgefield and knew that God was calling both my husband and I to serve on Sunday mornings. I was faced with the choice of choosing to be obedient or disobedient in regard to serving. Just as I have had to surrender my kids in countless other areas, I again needed to surrender them to a wonky Sunday schedule. And you know what? They have been fine! I would even argue that for our kids, being in the Kids space for two services has been even more beneficial for them. Here’s why:

  1. Our girls learn even more of God’s word by hearing it twice. For a year now, my four-year-old has been able to tell us the gospel! She knows stories from the Bible and comes home with excitement, ready to tell us her verses. We do a lot of work at home, but I know her foundation is just deepened on Sunday mornings.
  2. They love the friends that they have made. My girls get to know all of the kids in their class at our campus and are building great relationships that I truly believe will last longer than their time on Sunday mornings.
  3. Our Kids team does an incredible job loving on them! The people that take care of our children on Sunday mornings are using their giftings in a very specific way, and they genuinely love our kids. Our girls have received cards and gifts on their birthdays, and people reach out on the days we miss. They are so well cared for!
  4. Last but certainly not least in the mind of a child, they love the fact that they get to eat goldfish twice in one day!

I know that we have people from all walks of life at Mercy Hill. For some people, serving at a weekend service is not feasible right now. But, for us, it was. I just needed to surrender my kids yet again to the One who loves them more than I do. This is just my story, but I pray that it will encourage you to consider that when God calls us to serve, he takes care of our babies too!

-Lauren Thrasher (MH Member)