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God Has Been Faithful.

I am blown away to see what God has done in just one short year. As we are looking forward to worshiping in a new space this coming weekend I have been prompted to look back over the last 12 months. Last year at this time we were so excited to be moving into a new facility. Up until that point we had been a mobile church meeting in the evenings at Bur-mil Park. The move to a new location brought a lot of questions to my mind. What would God do with our “edgy side of wise” decision to spend the money in building out a space? How would the church handle the transition from night services only to services both morning and night? In some ways moving into a fixed location was a sign of maturity for us. But what would we do with that maturity? Would we continue to reach and push the mission or begin to settle?

Through God’s grace all of those questions have been answered! While there are a ton of stories that have come out of this last year in our facility, I can sum them all up in this statement; God has been faithful! He has been faithful to provide and faithful to keep us on mission. But even more than that, He has been faithful to grow our church in an extraordinary way. This past September, even though we had only been in the new space for 5 months, it was becoming evident that another move was needed. If God was going to continue to bring new folks to our church then we needed to expand again. If we didn’t, we would lose our ability to reach new people in the Triad. In November we launched the For His Name Initiative to raise the money needed for expansion.

To think that now, only 5 months later, we are moving into a new facility that is double the size…a facility that God provided the money for so we could pay in cash, I am amazed. So Mercy Hill, the challenge for us is the same challenge that always faces God’s people AFTER God’s blessing falls on them. Will we settle into His blessing with a contentment that slows the mission, or will we leverage His blessing to propel it? I hope as you walk into the new facility this weekend two thoughts will invade your mind. First, God thank you. And second, God…do amazing things here.

-Andrew Hopper (Lead Pastor)