Getting to know Greensboro

Now that we have boots on the ground here in Greensboro we are trying hard this Summer to “create space for mission to happen.” One great way we’ve found is through our weekly Meet Ups. Meet Ups are basically designated times that Mercy Hill folks gather together, in the community, for the expressed purpose of getting to know people in Greensboro. So who are the people we are getting to know?

Well there are two options. First, we hope that our launch members are diligent in meeting and inviting co-workers/neighbors. Once they are brought into an atmosphere of a hike, ball game, cook out, or restaurant, getting to know them is much easier. Secondly, the Meet Ups are a wonderful chance for us to actually meet people while we are out and then tell them our story.

For example, last week over 15 of our team members met at a local restaurant, which hosts a Thursday night corn hole tourny.  Dozens of conversations were had between Mercy Hill team members and Greensboro residents. Our hope is that God will use these interactions to build His church through Mercy Hill.

Furthermore, in the big picture these gathering times are integral to teaching Mercy Hill DNA to everyone involved. We will expect our small groups and leaders, when they launch in September, to be intentional with their time in order to see mission happening in group life…and we are excited to see that happening now!

Please pray for our team as we head out into the community each week with intention.  Pray that God would draw us into conversations with people who desperatly need Jesus.  And pray for our team members that God would embolden them to speak the wonderful news of the gospel as a means of being salt and light to our city.

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