Mercy Hill Baptism Blog - Getting Baptized? Here’s All You Need to Know

Getting Baptized? Here’s All You Need to Know

At Mercy Hill, we are regularly baptizing people who are new believers and people who have been believers for a while but have never been baptized. If you have started to believe the gospel and have received the salvation offered in the death and resurrection of Christ, the next step is to request to speak to a baptism counselor at

Already spoken to a counselor and decided to get baptized at an upcoming service? Let me answer some common questions to make sure that you know everything you need to know.

1. Which campus should I go to?

Whenever we are baptizing, we do so at all of our campuses and at all of our services, so no need to rearrange your schedule. Just go to the service you normally attend. Easy!

2. When should I arrive?

Arriving thirty minutes before the service in which you are getting baptized gives us enough time to talk with you and walk you through what the process of baptism will look like.

3. Where do I go once I arrive?

Park as normal, and when you come to the front of your campus, you should see a “baptism” sign on the sidewalk in front of a blue tent. At the blue tent, a Mercy Hill leader will be happy to guide you through what you can expect.

4. What will I be asked to do?

Right before you are immersed, you will be asked to say yes to two questions: (1) Do you believe Jesus has done everything necessary for your salvation? (2) Will you follow Jesus as the Lord of your life?

5. What do I need to bring?

We provide a t-shirt to be baptized in, a towel, a drawstring bag to carry your wet clothes, and a designated area to store your dry change of clothes. You will need to bring a pair of modest shorts or pants to wear for baptism and then a full change of clothes for after you are baptized. Also, we recommend a pair of flip-flops for walking to and from the baptism tank.

6. Well, what happens afterwards?

A Mercy Hill leader will be contacting you in the following days to check-in and pray with you. You’ll also be sent a picture of your baptism to share with others.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)