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Ten years ago, my wife and I began to put into motion the call to adopt that we shared from the very first time that we met. Rewind our story seven years before that, and we are standing on a street corner in Bucharest, Romania feeding, entertaining, and loving-on street kids that had been abandoned and forced to fend for themselves. On that short-term mission trip, the Lord not only introduced us to one another, but he also introduced a passion for the fatherless that as college students we had never felt before.

We Didn’t Do It Alone

As we began to walk in our “yes” to adoption, little did we know how many people God would use to make our calling a reality. Word of our new “journey” began to spread, and as we asked for people to join us, they did. Looking back, we are certain that we would not have the privilege of raising our adopted kids if others had not walked alongside us through the paperwork process, home study, fundraising, child placement, the highs and lows of international government decisions (especially in the DR Congo), travel, health concerns, and the final unification of our family. Most of the people who contributed to our adoption will never get to actually hug or love-on our kids, but their contribution, through prayer, encouragement, fundraising, and support allow us to love them well every day for the rest of their lives.

You Can Make Sure Others Don’t Do It Alone Either

Right now, at Mercy Hill, we have multiple people that are going through the same journey toward adoption or foster care. You may know them from your Community Group, your serve team, or even because you sit near them in a worship service. No matter how far along they are in the process, all of these people have the same thing in common, they need you. They need your ears to listen, your eyes to notice, your hands to serve, and your heart to help them love their future child. You may never physically welcome a new child into your home by way of adoption, but you have the opportunity to allow others to do so.

Currently, we have three families that are profiled on our Adoption and Foster Care page. These families are all deeply connected to Mercy Hill, have completed their home studies, and are raising money and completing paperwork as their final stages.

Please reach out to them. Please give to their adoptions. Please join their fight to become a forever home for the fatherless. Your contribution may seem small to you, but when they look back on their journey, they will also know that it was only possible because people like you joined them! Click here to visit our Adoption & Foster Care site.

-Jonathan Spangler (Community Groups Director)