Why 150K? In the past God has used our Generous December offering to help fuel and fund the sending efforts of Mercy Hill Church. This year we hope to do the same! Mercy Hill “sending” happens in four primary ways: international missions, domestic church planting, campus multiplication, and local community ministry.

In 2016, through our Generous December offering, we hope to see over half of our sending budget funded.

Not only will meeting this goal play a part in taking the gospel to the nations, in places like the jungles of Peru, but also to our neighborhoods and to the hurting parts of our community.

We believe that God’s mission is fueled through the generosity of God’s people. And true generosity only happens as a response to the generosity that we have experienced in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must not be pools of God’s blessing. Rather, God blesses us that we might be conduits of blessing to others. As a church, let us be generous this December, for the nations, for church planting, and for those in need in our city.

Mercy Hill Church Generous December 2016 Goal

*Over and above our normal December giving.

1. International

Mercy Hill Church was planted with the nations in view. And from the beginning of our existence we have prayed, given generously, and sent people out to fuel gospel ministry to the ends of the earth. We believe that Jesus is worth the praise of every person on earth, but many have never heard his name and are heading toward a Christ-less eternity.

Through Generous December we want to give to see the seeds of ministry that we have already planted continue to grow all over the world. The Generous December offering will help support our missionaries who are taking the gospel all over the world, and also church planting movements among unreached people in places like the heart of India and the jungles of Peru. 

As a church, we join God in his mission of reclaiming a people from among all peoples of the earth.

Mercy Hill Church Generous December 2016 World Map
Mercy Hill Church Long-Term Missionary Support
Mercy Hill Church Missionary Support
  • We have sent 8 mid-term missionaries from our congregation.

  • We have led 175 individuals on 37 teams on short-term international trips to 11 countries.

  • In 2016, we sent 108 people on short-term trips. 8 of those were 5th and 6th Graders on their first international experience. We sent people from age 11 to 63 (middle school – retirees).

Mercy Hill Church Sponsored Orphaned Children

There remains 6,701 unreached people groups (4.1 Billion people). 3,060 of those groups are unengaged.
Millions of people are plunging into a Christ-less eternity every single month in China alone.

Mercy Hill Church Missions Unreached People Groups

2. Domestic

Mercy Hill is a church planting church because we believe that church planting is God’s Plan A for fulfilling the Great Commission. This vision has led Mercy Hill to help plant five churches in four years—from Wilmington, NC to Los Angeles, CA.

As part of the Summit Network we are committed to playing a major role in planting 1,000 churches in a generation.

Mercy Hill Church Generous December - Grace Alive Church Plant - Cam Triggs & Family

And this year, through our Generous December offering, not only will we be able to continue to support our ongoing church planting efforts, but also plant a new multi-ethnic church in Orlando, FL! Orlando Florida is home to “the happiest place on earth,” but the growing number of people moving to Orlando are becoming increasingly aware that the promises of the world fail to deliver. We want to help tell the better story of God’s Kingdom. That’s why we are helping to send out Cam Triggs and his family to plant Grace Alive Church in the Fall of 2017!

Mercy Hill Church Church Planting Stat

There remains a increasing need for church planting in America. While the population of the Unites States is increasing, churches are declining. 1 in 4 Americans now claim no religious affiliation. For the first time in American history, less than 50% of the population claim to be protestant Christians. Church plants are more successful at reaching lost people.

Check out the churches we’ve helped to plant!


3. Campus

Mercy Hill wants to be a church that is accessible to every person in the Triad.

Instead of saying, “Come to us,” starting new Mercy Hill campuses is a way to go to our community. Also, campus development not only allows us to reach more people with the gospel, it allows us to send out more leaders to use the gifts God has given them.

In 2016, Mercy Hill launched its first campus to become one church in two locations. Since opening our Clifton Road Campus we have seen hundreds worshiping in that community. But, when it comes to campus development, Mercy Hill has just started! To reach our goal of being accessible to every person in the Triad, we must start multiple new campuses in the coming years. Generous December will not only continue to fund our newest campus, the Clifton Road Campus, but also help lay the groundwork for a number of upcoming campuses.

Mercy Hill Church Clifton Road Campus Exterior Crowd
Mercy Hill Church Clifton Road Campus Exterior Sign
Mercy Hill Church Clifton Road Stats
Mercy Hill Church In The Triad Religion Stats
Mercy Hill Church Clifton Road Campus Volunteers

4. Local

As God’s demonstration community, we display to the world what his Kingdom is like. That’s why we are committed to loving our neighbor as Jesus did—in both word and deed. Over the last few years, Mercy Hill has mobilized hundreds of people who have partnered with over twenty local organizations to meet tangible needs in our community. We have met these needs by serving schools, shelters, care centers, and more.

But we really believe that the work in our community has just begun!  Through Generous December we will be able to continue to fund our Serve Weeks, Serve Saturdays, and some of the ministries in our city that we partner with.

We want to play a part in reversing the brokenness across the Triad.

Mercy Hill Church Serve Week Fall 2016

At Mercy Hill we believe that we are to be a reflection of the God that we serve and the God that we serve did not stand idly by; his love was active and intentional. As the church, we have the privilege to represent Christ in the community which God has placed us!

Mercy Hill Church Serve Week and Serve Saturday

We’ve mobilized hundreds of our people through serve projects as well as supported over 20 different agencies such as:

  • Recovery Homes
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Pregnancy Care Centers
  • Schools
  • Jails
  • Food Pantries
  • Mercy Hill Serve Week - Fall 2016 - Freedom House
  • Mercy Hill Serve Week - Fall 2016 - Backpack Beginnings
  • Mercy Hill Serve Week - Fall 2016 - World Relief
  • Mercy Hill Serve Week - Fall 2016 - Hope Academy
  • Mercy Hill Serve Week - Fall 2016 - Freedom House
  • Mercy Hill Serve Week - Fall 2016

How To Give

How do we meet our goal?

For us to meet the 2016 goal for Generous December, we need to see equal sacrifice. From our pastors, staff, community group leaders, volunteers, to the person who just connected to Mercy Hill, we want to see 100% involvement from every person who calls Mercy Hill home.

Yet, it is important to note that equal sacrifice does not mean equal gifts. For some, sacrifice may mean one hundred dollars, for others it may mean thousands of dollars. Equal sacrifice means leveraging your resources according to what God has given you. May we leverage our resources for the sake of God’s mission here in the Triad and to the ends of the earth!

Mercy Hill Church Generous December 2016 Give Online

We make it easy and convenient for you to give online through our website or through your mobile devices.
To give online visit: www.mercyhillgso.com/give

*Make sure to designate your gift to “Generous December.”

Mercy Hill Church Generous December 2016 Give On Sunday

During our weekly services we offer you the opportunity to give by placing your gift in the offering bucket. For your convenience, offering envelopes are available at each of our services.

*Make sure to designate your gift to “Generous December.”

Mercy Hill Church Generous December 2016 Give By Mail

Checks can be made out to Mercy Hill with “Generous December” in the memo.

Mail to:
Mercy Hill Church 
P.O. Box 39209 
Greensboro, NC 27438

Mercy Hill Church Generous December 2016 Give Stock

Mercy Hill has the ability to receive stock gifts. For some this is the most effective way to use their resources.

*Make sure to designate your gift to “Generous December.”