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GenerousDecember_FacebookEach December as we celebrate God’s generosity toward us to give us His only Son, we encourage members and attenders of Mercy Hill to give generously for the advance of the Gospel. This December we hope to raise over $35,000 in addition to our normal monthly giving. But we’re not looking to keep this $35,000.  Instead it will be given away outside of Mercy Hill to help bring about life change through Gospel-centered ministries.

Here’s a look at where this additional money will go:

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 12.53.03 PM

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Much of what we hope to give away will go towards church planting in other places. This is because we believe the church is God’s primary vehicle to bring Gospel-centered change to people, cities and nations. God has graciously used Mercy Hill Church as an instrumental role in restoring marriages, overcoming addictions, sparking faith and establishing community in many lives. And the people of Mercy Hill Church are making an impact in our city through serving the overlooked and the vulnerable such as the homeless, unwed mothers, and refugees. So we believe giving to help multiply churches is the most effective and holistic way to make disciples to the glory of God.


As a church we will have to “live sufficiently, give extravagantly” to reach our goal this December. For some this may mean giving for the very first time. For others this may mean digging deeper and giving above and beyond for the sake of the mission this Christmas.


If you want to contribute to our Generous December, simply give to our regular offering on Sundays or give online here anytime during the month of December.


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