• Mercy Hill College Ministry - Fall Retreat 2019

Full Weekend, Full Hearts

Fall Retreat 2019, you were one for the books.

Mercy Hill College Ministry - Fall Retreat 2019

This past weekend, MH College took over Asheville, NC. Let me tell you, it was nothing short of a blast. Friday night, close to 100 students from across five colleges and universities made their way up the mountain for what would become an unforgettable weekend. We kicked the weekend off with an incredible session, diving into who the real Jesus is and ended the night at our Pavilion Party.

Let’s stop and talk for a second about this Pavilion Party. This party hit all the right stops. There was corn hole, spike ball, can jam, gaga ball, a popcorn bar—and did I mention the greatest dance party you have ever seen? These college students danced the night away! Now, as a dancer, I am slightly biased, but I truly believe in the power of dancing. Dancing breaks barriers. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from because we can all unite under the Wobble and Bikers shuffle.

Amongst all the fun and games, I took a second that night to look around, and I saw strangers becoming friends. It was in that moment that I knew this was going to be an incredible weekend. Here’s the thing: MH College is a college ministry of various schools, colleges, and universities. The times in which our ministry is all together is rare; Fall Retreat being one of those opportunities. So, a weekend like this past one, is great for meeting and making friends across the Triad.

Mercy Hill College Ministry - Fall Retreat 2019
Mercy Hill College Ministry - Fall Retreat 2019

Throughout the whole weekend, we discussed who the real Jesus actually is. We live in culture full of fake and falsified social media accounts. These accounts can lead us to question reality and tangle our beliefs. Sadly, the same can be true when it comes to our understanding of Jesus. In contrast to our culture, the Bible is clear on who Jesus is, and that is exactly where we should turn for a deeper understanding of Jesus. From this weekend, our students learned that Jesus brings new life, he takes our place, and he is to come first in our lives.

My prayer following this weekend is for that desire to deeply follow Jesus to continue well beyond Fall Retreat. We don’t want to simply hype students up; we want them to experience transformation in the gospel. The Lord was surely at work in the hearts of people as students accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and others took a step of obedience in saying yes to baptism. Students are considering how to leverage their summers and post-graduate years for the mission of God.

Fall Retreat 2019 truly was one for the books. There were memories made, friendships deepened, and hearts transformed. I long for the day when all fourteen schools, colleges, and universities in the Triad are represented at Fall Retreat. Today, I thank the Lord for what he has done and how he has moved this past weekend, and I look ahead with confidence to what he will continue to do in our midst.

-Rilee Blackwell (College Team)