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Fuel for the Fire: The Fight Against Abortion

In recent news we’ve seen an uproar surrounding religious liberty. Let me just say I’m all for maintaining freedom of religion. However, as Christians stand up (and very well should stand up) for their religious liberty rights, there’s also another battle Christians need to engage in now: the battle against abortion.

I know, it’s a given for conservative Christians to be against abortion. When we hear the stat that in North Carolina, 22,820 lives were taken in 2013 because of abortion, we hang our heads in dismay. And, if you’ve gone through an abortion, you personally know how destructive it can be to your physical, emotional, spiritual, and even relational wellbeing. Thank God there’s hope in Jesus for those who have made that choice.

But my question for us as Christians is: Once we’ve fought for (and hopefully maintained) our continuing freedom of religious expression, what will we do with that freedom? Will we really fight to end abortion in our country?

Do we maintain religious freedom so we can express ourselves the way we want? Or, will we actually leverage our freedom by taking action for the good of those who have no voice?

The problem many of us run into, though, is that we know abortion is destructive we just don’t know what to do about it. Let me offer four tangible suggestions so you can actively join the fight to end abortion in this generation.

     1.   Pray

Though it seems like a given, we need to say it: prayer is absolutely necessary. God works through the prayers of his people, so we ought to pray daily for the end of abortion in our country and the world.

  1. Be in regular contact with your government (local, state, and federal) representatives.

They need to know where you stand on the issue, and why; and they need to hear it often. Encourage them to take up the fight against abortion. Start by going to their website to contact them. This is what I’d call a top-down approach.

  1. Personally connect with people you know who have a differing view on abortion.

Know someone who’s adamantly pro-choice? Ask them to coffee to hear their reasoning and perspective. Express why abortion is harmful to women and our society. If they’re Christian, express what the Bible says about it. I’d call this a bottom-up approach.

  1. Get further involved with Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center.

One plumbline statement of the Care Center is “Making abortion unnecessary.” We want to make abortion unnecessary for those who feel like it’s the only, necessary option for them. As a church body, Mercy Hill supports the Care Center. But, you can get further involved in the ministry on your own.

This, too, is a bottom-up approach. You’re making yourself available to people in the community who actively struggle with the choice to abort or carry their child to term. The Care Center can also provide resources for you to educate yourself and others on the issue.

The easiest way to get further involved with the Care Center is to attend our two major functions this month.

  1. The annual God & Sex Forum hosted by our college student organization, Make Up Your Own Mind®, is next Thursday, April 9, at 7pm on the UNCG campus. Check out org/forum for the details. You’ll hear Dr. Michael Brown give a Christian-biblical perspective on sexuality, and can text your questions to a discussion panel afterward. Last year we had over 160 people attend. It’s a totally free event, open to the public.
  2. Saturday, April 18, is our annual fundraising Walk for Life. This is a way to not only support the Care Center’s ministry, but also to raise awareness of the abortion issue in our community. Visit org/walk to register and start fundraising now. This is a family-friendly event involving drawings and prizes for top-fundraisers. This year, come dressed in ‘80s era attire to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

I hope I’ve given you some fuel for the fire in the fight against abortion. There’s no reason we can’t see it made illegal and made obsolete (as an “unnecessary” option) in our lifetime if we pull together and carry out these basic action-steps for the good of our community and for the glory of God.

– Carter Mundy is the Outreach Director at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, and a new elder of Mercy Hill Church. You can follow him on Twitter @carter_pm.