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From Baltimore

The city of Baltimore is the latest to draw national attention to the racial tensions and injustices in our country. Here is a request for solidarity and prayer from one of our partner church planters, Pastor Brad O’Brien at Jesus Our Redeemer in Baltimore, MD:

Sadly many people will build assumptions about our city based on what they see online or on cable, but this is our city and we love our city. 

Please pray for our city! In my opinion, I feel like this could escalate far beyond where it is right now. On Friday the Baltimore Police Department is set to release their findings from the 6 officers that arrested Freddie Gray. That in and of itself could be a major catalyst for more violence. 

There is no hope for our city apart from Jesus. We know that and we believe that with all our heart and soul. This brings us to believe that the Gospel changes everything – even cities like Baltimore. Our city has a lot of problems that have been ignored and overlooked for a long time and this is bringing them to the surface for a global audience. 

It is no accident that we are in this city and God has given us a deep love for this city. Please stand alongside of us and pray with us as we ask for God to use what is intended for evil for His glory and the good of our city.  

The temptation for us is to take a “that’s terrible for them” stance and not acknowledge that racism pervades our own streets and hearts unless rooted out by the Gospel. Let the news reports instead prompt us to pray against evil prejudices. Let it foster a longing for Christ’s Kingdom to come when people of every ethnicity will worship Him in unity and jubilation. And let it challenge us to broaden our relationships across cultural divides so that the transforming power of the Gospel and manifest wisdom of God might be displayed in the church.