Free for all Friday – "Mercy's Way"

Thanks to Philip Hoffman for putting together this incredible piece.

Mercy’s Way – A Reflection on the Frailty of Man and The Brevity of Life
We are temporal creatures, finite, limited by the boundaries of both time and space. We are embodied spirits, encapsulated, so to speak, and earth born, unable to transcend our own bodies which thankfully also provide us our very lifeline, tethering us to this magnificent earth!

Our great God, on the other hand is both majestically transcendent in His splendor and awe and yet immanent in space and time. The mountains that surround us remind us of our feeble and frail natures. They remind us of our limited range of motion, and yet at night, in the sunset and the skies, they lift our eyes to the starry hosts, the vaulted sky. If we listen closely enough to the rush of glory, we may hear God’s still small voice as He stoops from the heaven’s heaven to entertain not just angels but mankind.

Our Triune God, who has been resting eternally has chosen to create in time. He has not only created the observable world of mankind, but the vastness of the entire universe now known to feeble man. We cannot pan the depths of all that lies beyond our telescopes and our microscopes! We can only venture our best guesses at what lies above and beyond us; what awaits us in glory!

And yet thanks to our awe inspiring God, we can begin to gain some feeble glimpses into eternity and the majesty of His being! He has chosen in time, not only to create but to reveal; to be made known! He has stooped, that we as mere mortals might join Him in this heavenly procession of glory! He has revealed Himself in His mighty acts , His wonders of creation, His spoken and written word, and most brilliantly, not in the stars above but in His own Son below!

In the character and person of His Son, He has come near, that we might no longer be far, either far from Him, or far from one another. He has made us, in time, to be like Him in eternity, inviting us into His fellowship of glory!

How privileged and blessed we are to be part, not simply of the race of fallen men and women, but of a new race, brought together in time by the work of God’s own Son! We have been reconciled, not only to Him, but to one another!

And now we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand as ambassadors of His glory and love! We stand together as the company of the redeemed, bought out  at a great price, treasured as the apple of His own eye,  graven upon the very palms His own hands.

Because He has stooped in time and spoken to us in space,  we have come to know, not just the riches of His creation, but the wealth of His mercy and grace! We are among the company of those who have begun the journey of grace, coming alongside others and inviting them on this road that we call   “Mercy’s Way”!

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