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Four Reasons I Am Sacrificing My Paid Time Off for Kids Week

Sacrificing paid time off (PTO) from work for the sake of traveling halfway around the world to share the gospel with people we don’t know is something a lot of us would be willing and excited to do. This has certainly been true for me. Although I have had the privilege of traveling a number of times on overseas mission trips, I have (sadly) often neglected strategic opportunities to make Jesus famous in my own backyard.

Kids Week is a great opportunity to plant gospel seeds into the lives of children in our own community. Although serving at Kids Week does not require traveling to South Asia or some other far-off place in need of the gospel, you may find that there are similar motivations for leveraging your PTO to serve right here in the Triad.

Here are four reasons why I am sacrificing some of my PTO to serve at Kids Week and why you should too.

  1. We like to participate in BIG things. God is calling out a people for himself from among the nations and traveling overseas to be a part of that seems like a big deal—and it is. But it is easy to overlook just how big of a deal Kids Week is simply because it is more familiar. We are anticipating 900 (wow!) kids this year, and those kids need to hear about Jesus!
  2. We desire to impact global lostness. One of my favorite things about serving in Kids ministry at Mercy Hill is how the goal is not simply to babysit but to raise up missionaries! To be sure, many of the kids who attend first need to hear and respond to the gospel. But the prayer of our church is that these kids not only fall in love with Jesus but that they also might spend their lives making him known among the nations.
  3. We respond to great need. Carl F. H. Henry once said, “The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.” The urgency behind that statement is clear, and it cries out for a response. In a similar (albeit smaller) way, knowing we are anticipating 900 or so kids for Kids Week should make us wonder how many volunteers it takes to serve that many kids. Answer: a lot! There is a great need for volunteers in all sorts of areas.
  4. We love an adventure. While new people and exciting places can make for quite the adventure, few things are more adventurous than running around, making a mess, and having a blast with a bunch of kids for a few hours—all while pouring the gospel into them.

So, if you want to do something that is really big, impacts global lostness, meets a tremendous need, and is a lot of fun, then shake-off some of that PTO, and come hang with us at Kids Week!

-Kevin Moore (MH member)