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Following After Christ: Women’s Bible Study

We’re all familiar with the term “small talk.” The times in our lives when we’ve been expected to meet and mingle with others and make polite chit chat are far too numerous to count. And we all usually follow a certain set of what might be considered “safe” questions: What’s your name? Where are you from? How long have you lived here? And most importantly…

What do you do?

This question often elicits a gamut of emotions that flash by in a second, and yet are so powerful, because really, the question seems to be so much deeper. You know that the person asking that question will immediately make a judgment about you based on what you answer. They may think you are smart or dumb, interesting or boring, someone worth knowing or a person who is easily dismissed just based on your answer to this question. And yet the fact that we allow this question to affect us so deeply points not to the power of the person asking it, but to our own misguided sense of identity. What we are “doing” should never encompass and define us, and yet we allow that to be the case far too often.

The fact is that we, as Christians, find our worth and definition in what Christ has done, not us. This is gloriously freeing, and yet we all too often trade that identity for something that is worth so much less: wife, mother, businesswoman, homeschooler, student and crafter. These are all noble and commendable things, and yet they should always follow behind our first identity, which are that of follower and reflector of Christ. And the first part of following and reflecting Christ is to know Him.

As an encouragement towards that goal, we will be hosting a bible study for women on Thursday mornings starting this Thursday, September 25th. We’ll meet from 6:15am – 7:30am every Thursday for the next 8 weeks and go through the book of Nehemiah. My hope is that you will lay down your other identifiers completely for one morning a week. Don’t be a mom, or a student, or a professional. Just be a woman following after Christ. Come join other women, and be encouraged and challenged as we all struggle to consistently put Christ first. If you’re interested in more information, fill the form out below and someone will email you shortly.


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