We have created a Leadership Pipeline for those who desire to grow in leadership. Below is our Leadership Pipeline, and we encourage you to check it out and talk with a Team Leader or staff about taking the next steps as you grow in leadership.


    Team members collectively create an environment that is welcoming and hospitalbe to anyone and everyone God leads to our gathering. Below is a list of our Team Member competencies, which is what every team member strives for to make Mercy Hill an inviting environment.

    Team Member Competencies

    • Willingly follows the direction of leaders
    • Engages people personally in a way that makes them feel honored
    • Anticipates the needs of others
    • Adapts to meet unexpected needs
    • Communicates in advance when they are unable to fulfill responsibilities

    Team Leader Competencies

    • Communicates a compelling vision for the ministry
    • Identifies and develops emerging leaders (through apprenticeship)
    • Expresses value of team members in personal and meaningful ways
    • Energizes others for the completion of tasks

    “It’s the leader’s job to catch people in the act of doing things right.”

    Team Leader “Big Picture”

    **The Team Leader(s) is the most valuable relationship to Team Members. There are tasks involved in leading the team, but the primary goal is for the Team Leader to be focused on the relational component, which includes:

    • Encouraging team members in meaningful ways
    • Celebrating small and large “wins” (Noticing a team member that does something well and communicating appreciation to them)
    • Sending Birthday Appreciation Cards the week of team members’ birthdays

    “Those who serve are as important as those we serve.”

    Team Leader Weekly Responsibilities

    • Serve 1, attend 1 (and encourage team members to do the same)
      • There is tremendous value in being fully present both during the worship service (your soul needs it) and as you serve (your campus/team needs it)
    • Team Placement (30 minutes prior to service as team arrives)
      • Includes knowing who won’t be able to serve that week
    • Remain free from tasks as much as possible so that you can:
      • Invest relationally into team members
      • Seek continual improvement by observing team culture and tendencies
    • Input weekly attendance into “infellowship”
      • Login to “infellowship” account
      • Click on “groups” tab in upper left
      • Click “attendance”
    • Follow up with team members that have missed consecutive weeks
    • Write/send birthday appreciation cards the week of a team member’s birthday
      • See birthday card instructions for more information

    Team Leader Monthly Responsibilities

    • Create and send team schedule for the upcoming month
      • If team consists of less than 12 members, leaders should contact members to ask, “When are you not able to serve next month?”
    • Allow apprentice (if applicable) to lead one weekend for Team Leader’s personal and spiritual rest
    • Pray for team members

    “The way a team member feels directly affects how they will make a guest feel.”


    Service Coordinators invest primarily in team leaders and team members in order to help their teams minister effectively each week. Coordinators are responsible for overseeing multiple areas in one particular service, and their goal is to encourage and equip team leaders and members. The Coordinator competencies are listed below, as well as the information about becoming a Coordinator.

    Service Coordinator Competencies

    • Manages well the tension between being overly prepared and flexible
    • Pays attention to detail and understands the comprehensive plan
    • Remains focused on the goal while maintaining an approachable demeanor
    • Communicates a compelling vision for the ministry
    • Leads service huddles that equip and inspire team members for the work of the ministry

    Becoming a Service Coordinator

    Becoming a Service Coordinator may be a great step for you in leadership. If you are interested, here are the steps for you:

    • Click on the Service Coordinator Information to learn what the role entails.
    • Click on Service Coordinator Application and submit an application. Once submitted, a First Impressions staff member will reach out to you to follow-up about starting as an apprentice.
    • As you go through the process, come back to this page for access to the apprentice process information, as well as apprentice training resources, which will be part of the process.

Click here for Service Coordinator Information

Service Coordinator Training Module 1
Service Coordinator Training Module 2
Service Coordinator Training Module 3
Service Coordinator Training Module 4