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Family is More Than Sunday

Every family has one.

That relative who’s kind of weird and distant. You don’t really see them much.

You know who I’m talking about. Chances are they’ve pinched your cheek a little too hard and said, “Oh my goodness, you’ve grown so much since the last time I’ve seen you.” In your head, your immediate response is I have never seen you. I don’t even know you. Can you, like, get out of my face now?

Distant Relatives

Apparently, they’re a member of your family, and you had no idea. For reasons unbeknownst to you, they don’t come to Sunday dinner, they don’t come to the family reunion, and the extent of your relationship is casual encounters and small talk.

And if you can’t think of that relative, then chances are you are that relative.

The same way our physical family has distant relatives, so does our spiritual family. And if you are not a part of a group growing in community, you really could be that distant relative.

Given Kingdom Family

Once you become a believer, you become a family member in the body of Christ. And if you only show up to a service on Sunday but never in a group during the week, you’re missing an essential part of being in the family. You’re missing the opportunity to love and be loved by others the same way Christ has loved all who have put their faith in him.

Being a member of the family without being in a group is like going to class to be taught a subject without ever learning the lesson. The whole idea of being in Christ’s family is to be known and loved by Christ and by others. As well, you ought to know and love others the same way Christ has done for you.

As we talk about this idea of being in God’s family, it’s easy to just assume that everybody is a member. Our culture totes the idea that everyone is a child of God, but I want to set the record straight. While everyone is made in the image of God, only those who put their faith in Christ become children of God (John 1:12). This has huge implications. This means we ought to take our “familyhood” seriously because it cost Christ his life. To be a believer is to be a member of the family of God. Since Christ endured the cross for you to enjoy his family, you ought to.

Once I joined a group, I got to know what God’s family looks and feels like a bit better. I remember the first time I walked into my current group. I thought, “Man, I don’t know. I don’t even know these people. None of them look like me, and we probably have totally different interests.” After just a few weeks, I began to feel the real love of God through the real love of family. As well, the older guys in the group began to give me advice on dating, car repairs, and gave me an up close and personal view of biblical manhood.

Because of those men, Tuesday nights have become one of my favorite weeknights. The love they have shown to me and the love I get to give is one of the greatest things being a part of Christ’s family affords me.

If you worship with other believers on Sunday and never take part in the rich and deep relationships made from being a part of a group, you could be that weird relative. Join a group, it could not only help in your walk with Christ, but you get to enjoy what Christ’s blood has bought for you: family.

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-Neeko Williams (College Team)