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Fall Retreat ’16 Recap: Jesus Changes Everything

C.S. Lewis once said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

Lewis astutely observes that Jesus changes everything. There is not a single inch of our lives on which Jesus does not make a claim. This past weekend 140 Mercy Hill college students descended upon Black Mountain, NC for a retreat many will never forget. The idea of Jesus changing everything permeated the mountain air as we hung out together and enjoyed God’s creation. We heard from our speaker Darrick Smith who pushed us to see the vast reach of Christ’s claims on our lives. We were pressed to consider that Jesus is the source of our identity, and we are to live out of that identity. Darrick, in a most graceful way, pushed us to see that Jesus brings hope to the seemingly irresolvable racism of our day. In a final appeal Darrick proclaimed that Jesus even brings hope to the anxious and despondent which describes many students. The modern world needs Jesus just like all ages before it.

Orlando Needs Jesus

Because Christianity casts a light by which we see everything, students were challenged to re-imagine their study abroad experiences, their lives on campus, and their summers. Seniors were presented opportunities to leverage their first two years after college strategically for the mission of God by joining the launch team of a Summit Network Church plant in Orlando, Florida. Students had the opportunity to meet and hear directly from Cameron Triggs, the Orlando church planter, and his vision for a church in Orlando. This weekend had the constant ring of the call to action mandated by the mission of Jesus.

Being there this weekend everyone could not help but feel that we are caught up in something bigger than just a retreat in the mountains; it is so much more. We felt the winds of God’s work among college students in the Triad. We must continually stand back and realize that we truly are a ministry inside a movement.

-Jon Sheets (College Ministry Director)
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