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Experience Poverty at Mercy Hill

When I was a teenager, a middle-aged man who had followed Christ for decades told me there would be three things that influence who I become and what I believe: the things I read, the people I meet, and the places I go. So far in my life’s journey, I’d say he was right. All three have allowed me to see the world from a different vantage point.

Cross-cultural experiences are especially invaluable in giving me a new lens to see life. They challenge my assumptions and increase my awareness. Often I’ve sought to learn about another people, but the result is I learn from them.

This April, through the Compassion Experience, you have the opportunity to step into another culture without even stepping onto a plane. Mercy Hill has the privilege of hosting the Compassion Experience at our Regional Campus April 7-10.

What exactly is the Compassion Experience? The Compassion Experience is a landmark presentation visiting churches, schools, and other venues across the country. It allows guests to be immersed in the reality of daily life in poverty that millions of children face around the world. It brings visitors to cultures completely outside of their own. Most importantly, it presents the blessing of hope as these children are sponsored through Compassion’s world-class child development program.

You can register now by clicking here.

-Bryan Miller (Connections and Missions Pastor)

One Act 2013 from Compassion International on Vimeo.