Excellence vs Good Enough

At Mercy Hill, we have what we call “plumblines” to help guide and evaluate our ministries. One of those plumblines is, “In light of global lostness, excellence must be balanced with good enough.”

We strive to do all things well – from our music and kids ministry to the way we organize for a church cookout. We want to communicate to people that they matter and are valuable – because they are! And we are always evaluating and looking for ways to improve everything we do. But it would be easy to pursue excellence for excellence’s sake and pour much resource and energy into improvements.  We know it honors God to leave some things at “good enough” in order to direct our focus on His greater mission.  Keeping the bigger picture that the church has been commissioned to make disciples of all nations helps guide us in every decision and purchase we make.

Want to hear more of our plumblines that explain why we do things the way we do? Come to a Weekender where you’ll hear our pastors discuss the Mercy Hill DNA.


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