Mercy Hill Church Equip Seminars

Equip Seminars Are Back: Fall Lineup

At Mercy Hill, there are three main ways to get Bible teaching. The first is the weekend sermon, where pastor Andrew has selected sections of Scripture to teach based on the needs of the whole church. The second is Community Group. In Community Group, we come together to discuss the teaching of the sermon and to help and pray for each other in putting these things into practice in our lives. Thirdly, there are the Equip seminars. These seminars are selected based on the perceived practical and theological needs of the church. They allow Mercy Hill to get Bible teaching in very specific areas of the Christian life.

Here are the Equip seminars starting Oct. 9th:

1. 1-on-1 Discipleship

Pastor Andrew defines discipleship as “word taught and life caught.” It is the process of obeying Christ’s words to teach others to obey everything he commanded (Matt. 28:20), and this happens in both an educational way (word taught) and a modeling way (life caught). Discipleship is not just a teaching but a showing, and this happens in a variety of ways at Mercy Hill. Community Groups is our primary means of discipleship, but many times, discipleship can happen in mentorships and friendships. This seminar is designed to equip disciples to disciple others.

2. Everyday Evangelism

Mercy Hill is committed to the effectiveness of the word-of-mouth spreading of the gospel. If someone comes to faith, it is largely because they were invited to church by someone they know,  or they were told the gospel outside of the church. This seminar seeks to take some of the fear out of personal evangelism by equipping you with tools that you can start using immediately to bring the message of salvation to your friends, co-workers, family, etc.

3. Defending the Faith

We live in an intellectual age. Often before sharing the gospel is even possible, we need to break down walls of objection that stand in the way of someone’s giving the gospel a fair hearing. Also, the church has found itself sadly unequipped to hear many modern objections to Christianity and losing believers to this skeptical age. Defending the Faith is designed to give attendees a good understanding of the arguments and how to answer them.

4. Marriage & Family

This seminar is hosted every single Equip season and there is a good reason why. Far too many marriages in all spheres of life are failing. But marriage is an institution given and designed by God, and so, we must return to Scripture in order for marriages to flourish as they were intended. This seminar provides both theological and practical marriage training.

5. Financial Peace University

Financial stress causes fractures in many relationships and individuals. Whether confronted with not being able to pay your debt or not being able to afford good programs for your kids or even not sure whether there will be enough in retirement, a mishandling of finances can be anxiety and depression inducing. In reality, financial management is quite simple, but many of us have fallen prey to credit cards and loans and marketing. Dave Ramsey’s plan is simple and will put you on a great path forward for financial peace. Ultimately, if his steps are followed, people will be in a great place to be radically generous.

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-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)