Welcome to the Mercy Hill Elder Resource page. On this page you will be able to access the monthly coaching group guides as well as information on each Elder’s span of care.  Think of this page as the central hub for all the resources you’ll need as a Mercy Hill Elder.


The first way we utilize the Discipleship Wheel is through our coaching structure.  There are 10 coaching meetings every year which end up being divided into two 5 month coaching terms (January – May & July – November). In each one of these 5 month terms we will cycle through the spokes of the wheel one time.  The current month will be highlighted each month where you can download the coaching guide.

Mercy Hill Church Discipleship Wheel

October Focus: Character

Click to download the guide below.

Span of Care

Need to know which groups each Elder oversees? Click the button below to access this info and your monthly span of care report.
*Reports are updated on the first day of each month and can be access by clicking on the button under your name.