Don’t Settle: 3 Reasons You Should Choose an Unforgettable Summer

Summer is almost here! The days are longer, the weather is hotter, and the struggle to find motivation at school is at an all-time high. For many, there are exams: the final grind before the sweet step into freedom. Every day, you students muster up the strength to finish the race and arrive at the much-deserved finish line to hear the words, “You’re done! Let summer begin!” Then, it’s off to countless days at the pool, family vacations, Fortnite with your friends, and binge watching your favorite Netflix shows. All of these make awesome memories and craft up a good summer. But what if you could make it not only good but unforgettable?

We all know that our normal summer routine is great until about halfway through the summer. So, instead of having a normal generic summer, how about making it unforgettable! If you’re a rising 6th-12th grade student, Camp Elevate is where you need to be! Want an unforgettable summer?

Here are three reasons you should come to camp:

1. It’ll be the most fun week of your summer! (Fun)

White water rafting, tubing, a wave pool, rock climbing wall, zipline, paintball arena, nine square in the air, and countless other games and activities! What else do you need to have a blast this summer, creating an experience you’ll never forget!!

2. You’ll be with some of your best friends! (Community)

Let’s be honest, you could be at home, straight chillin, or you could be with some of your best friends at camp! It’s cool to make unforgettable memories by yourself, but it’s even cooler to make them with others!

3. It’ll be the most transforming week of your summer! (Jesus)

Hundreds of students gather one week a year under one name, Jesus. Why not come see why students gather under the name of Jesus and how he transforms lives!

What do I do now?

Well, get off your couch, stop playing Fortnite or binge watching Stranger Things, and come have an unforgettable summer at Camp Elevate! Registration is still open, sign up today!

Click here for High School Camp Registration

Click here for Middle School Camp Registration

And for those who still aren’t convinced, check out this video, and you decide: will your summer be good or unforgettable?           

-Austin Griffin (Route 56 Coordinator – Clifton Road Campus)