• Spain Mission Trip

Don’t Make Excuses; Pray

Too often, I let my self-applied and stubborn boundaries get in the way of the Lord’s plan for me. When Mercy Hill began promoting summer mission trip opportunities, I was immediately drawn to a basketball camp in Madrid, Spain. However, like in past years, I started to tell myself all the reasons I couldn’t serve before taking it to the Lord in prayer. “The mission trip is planned for June; summer is the busiest time of year for my job.” I began praying with my wife, and the Lord’s answer was clear. My family and friends were encouraging; my supervisor and co-workers agreed to take on my normal tasks so that I could travel to Spain for a week to serve. 

Receiving More than Expected

During my time in Spain, I had many moments alone with the Lord on morning walks. I also had great conversations with fellow believers and unbelievers. The youth and families I was focused on serving did more for me in return than I ever imagined possible. And the local missionaries hosting our small group from America inspired me with their humility and joyful service to the Lord. When the camp ended, and we said our goodbyes and headed home to North Carolina, I felt like I had been baptized again. My wife and friends told me I had been changed for the better by this short mission trip. They were right. 

My family and I are now considering and praying on future opportunities to serve together on the mission field. Maybe a return trip to Spain will be the Lord’s plan for us? Whatever his plan is, I am now more prepared to pray fervently to know it and to not let my thoughts limit his awesome power. For all those who’ve ever considered a mission trip, I encourage you to silence your own voices, put aside your own reasoning, and go to the Lord in prayer for his desire.

-Ed Martin (Mercy Hill Member)

Madrid mission trip